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Work It Like Jordy: BNKR Online Stylist

Work It Like Jordy: BNKR Online Stylist


Face of an angel, heart of a lion, style on-point. Resident sweetheart and BNKR online stylist Jordan reveals her inner nerd, dream travel destinations and gives us her BNKR top picks for January 2016.

I’m secretly obsessed with…

Star Wars. Plus anything Marvel really. For anyone who knows me, it’s really no secret…


S T Y L E   T I P   # 1

Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE Perfect Lie Top.

S T Y L E   T I P   # 2

Shop Keepsake The Label Essence Playsuit.

Ultimate travel destination….

New Zealand! I haven’t been but the country just looks incredibly beautiful. Fingers crossed for a 2016 trip.

img middlerock.co.nz

I’m listening to…

A bit of everything! From Selena Gomez, Adele, Gin Wigmore, The Weeknd even a bit of Hilltop Hoods. Right now I have Fast Car by Jonas Blue (feat. Dakota) on repeat. My default will always be my golden oldies playlist - love me a bit of Cat Stevens and CCR.

S T Y L E   T I P   # 3

Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE On Point Shirt.

S T Y L E   T I P   # 4

Shop The Fifth Label Down Town Skirt.

Three items currently on my desk…

Coconut Chocolate Dessert Tea (thanks to my amazing Kris Kringle), Kool Mints and C/MEO COLLECTIVE Golden Age Top (it will be mine on pay day).

If you could be any character from a movie, who would you be?

Mystique from X-MenCould you imagine having the ability to be anyone you want? Blake Lively one day, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley the next...

S T Y L E   T I P   # 5

Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE Speak Up Boot.

Words: Stephanie Dugan
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Interview: Ted Emmons

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