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Wear It Like: BNKR Stylist Isy

Wear It Like: BNKR Stylist Isy


Deciding what to wear? The struggle is real. We all know it. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to call a meeting of your entire friendship group to help you decide - and that's where we come in. BNKR provides live, online styling at the click of a button. Ready to answer any and all outfit related questions, whenever you need us. Effectively this makes us your new best friends. It's time to force yourself to get personal.

Meet Isy: BNKR Online Stylist and Customer Care bombshell. Isy loves long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain...just kidding.

Get to know her a little better...

S T Y L E   T I P   # 1

Shop the C/MEO COLLECTIVE Warm Winds Short Sleeve Jumper.

I'm secretly obsessed with...

'I love reality TV, it’s a bit of a sickness. Bit embarrassed to say it, but I don’t think there is one reality show I don’t watch.'

I'm listening to...

'I listen to a real mix of things...but what I never get enough of is Destiny’s Child or Beyonce. It always puts me in a good mood.'

S T Y L E   T I P   # 2

Shop the C/MEO COLLECTIVE  Little Love Skirt.

S T Y L E   T I P   # 3

Shop the C/MEO COLLECTIVE Harmony Pant.

S T Y L E   T I P   # 4

Three items currently on my desk...

'My desk is a honestly bit of a mess.... but things I always have are: my water bottle, lip balms (at least three of them) and my notebook.'

Ultimate travel destination....

'I am dying to go an African Safari, and travel all over, mainly North and East Africa. A few years ago I visited Cairo, Egypt and I loved every second of it!'

S T Y L E   T I P   # 5

If you could name Kim and Kanye's second born...

'Well I am a big Kimye fan! If I got to pick I would name him Bobby. It's cute, simple and it's after Kim’s father and brother, Robert.'

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Words: Stephanie Dugan.
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