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Top 3: December Getaways For The Not-So-Organised Traveller.

Top 3: December Getaways For The Not-So-Organised Traveller.


No matter where in the world, you are you probably have plans to go away over the holidays. If not, don't panic - there's still time. We've picked our top three last minute getaway ideas for the not-so-organised traveller. Shop the Holiday Edit.

T H E   W I N T E R   E S C A P E


Can't take the heat? Get out of the city. Grab your best mate and your best coat and hightail it. Book a ticket and fly away.

B i g   W h i t e   ( C a n a d a )

Image via bluepower.com.au

S a a s   F e e   ( S w i t z e r l a n d )

Image via  myswitzerland.com

B r e u i l - C e r v i n i a   ( I t a l y )

Image via www.lagranbeccacervinia.it

S H O P   O U T E R W E A R

T H E   G I R L S   T R I P



Whether you're heading to an exotic paradise or just down to the local caravan park, if you've got your squad together you're bound to have the time of your lives.

T h e   M a l d i v e s

Image via homeround.com.

P e n i n s u l a   H o t   S p r i n g s

Image via www.yeeyi.com

N e w   Y o r k

Image via tinablogsalot.wordpress.com

S H O P  B A S I C S +  E V E N T W E A R 




Road trip or not, getting that golden ticket to the hottest festival of the season can make you feel like you're on an entirely different planet. Australia proudly boasts some of the best festivals in December (hint: a very good time for a visit).

T h e   F a l l s   F e s t i v a l

Image via andrewmcmillen.com

B e y o n d   T h e   V a l l e y


F i e l d   D a y

image via www.purplesneakers.com.au

S H O P   F E S T I V A L

Words: Stephanie Dugan
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