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The GIF Equivalent Of Life In A Fashion Office.

The GIF Equivalent Of Life In A Fashion Office.


Yeah, you've heard it before - a fashion office is actually not like The Devil Wears Prada. Except sometimes, it kinda is. The hours can be long - but the parties are good. You might have to start at the bottom, but the opportunities to move into something more your area are possible. And you will 100% become more reliant on coffee than your own mother. But that's all part of it right?


When you first start, you've never been more pumped.

While you might get a sweet discount on some things, all your $$ (that aren't - wastefully - going towards your rent) are spent on getting the latest pieces.

Your sass levels may skyrocket.

It's not all free clothes and parties - thinking long days packed with meetings, creative brainstorms and organising gifting for influencers.

But yeah, generally the parties are excellent.

You can try out your most adventurous outfits + get real feedback from people who actually know what they're talking about...and aren't scared to tell you that you might have gone a little too hard with the print on print.

But sometimes you feel like everything else everyone is wearing is 1000% better than your own 'drobe.

Aaaaand you're likely to make some poor choices in the name of what's trending (don't stress, they'll be soon forgotten).

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

You can learn from people who know their shit - including how to correctly pronounce designer names.

And fashion buzz words integrate into your vocabulary, normally without you noticing. Call it osmosis.

A big office means lots of birthdays. And cake. And biscuits. And donuts. Stay strong, kids.

But you know at the end of the day you get to work with a bunch of killer creatives + professionals. So it's worth it.

Words: Lucy Ahern


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