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Style: The Big Day

Style: The Big Day


Watching two people declare their love for one and other; there really is nothing like it. The joy of matrimony is not lost on us. We'd never admit it but we really are that shameful girl; tears streaming, searching hurriedly through her tightly packed clutch bag for the tissues she's forgotten to pack. Whether or not weddings are your thing, whichever way you look at it - it's a big ol' party. With the looming fear of the ever present, roving photographer, what you decide to wear will be seriously documented. Even if you're not in the wedding party, prepare for live action Instagram, Facebook albums and Snapchat stories. Plus there's bound to be a photo booth or classic Polaroid camera - if you're really lucky.

For wedding attire, we have one rule: don't upstage the bride. No one wants to be the girl who rocks up in a floor length, white dress. This isn't to say white is out of the question, it is the 21st century after all.

What we're trying to say is, don't stress. Pretty much anything goes. To make your decision just a little easier, Keepsake the Label provide perfect wedding wear in every monthly collection on BNKR. Styles tailored to brides and bridal parties as well as guests.


Make couture and custom a thing of the past. As long you feel amazing on your day, that's all that matters.

Shop Keepsake The Label Nostalgia Dress.


Take a chance. Go with bold your bridesmaids. Cater to personality the same colour in different shapes.

Shop Keepsake The Label Soul Surrender Dress.

Shop Keepsake The Label The Pretender Dress.

Shop Keepsake The Label Interlude Lace Playsuit.


If you're going to go for white, break it up and with a print.Whatever you do make sure it doesn't look bridal.

Shop Keepsake The Label Luck Now Dress.

Still worried white is a faux pas? Try a subtle print in separates. You'll be lady-like and comfortable.

Shop Keepsake The Label Soul Surrender Top + Script Culottes.

Go all out in sweet floral co-ordinates. After all, what better reason to get girly?

Shop Keepsake The Label Confession Top + Luck Now Skirt.

Cold weather? Feeling conservative? Look glamorous in soft, coloured silk and slim leg pants.

Shop Keepsake The Label Just Enough L/S Silk Tunic + Run With Me Pants.

For more wedding inspiration + outfit options follow our LET'S GET MARRIED board on Pinterest.

Plus shop our wedding edit on BNKR now.

Words: Stephanie Dugan
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