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New: Keepsake The Label 'Partition'

New: Keepsake The Label 'Partition'


Confident, mysterious and elegant; femininity is transformed. No rules, no expectations, no boundaries. Keepsake The Label presents 'Partition'. Think structure, exaggeration and careful detail. Pleated, fully fringed and embossed styles take the spotlight with classic shapes for balance. Vibrant cobalt and copper contrast each other alongside neutral tones and navy, while slinky midi dress and off shoulder styles meet luxe pantsuits and rompers. Statement occasionwear made simple. K E E P S A K E   T E A M   -    T O P   P I C K S

"To me, this style really is the essence of Keepsake. Taking a current trend, like the off the shoulder and working it into a classic, beautiful peice you'll want to wear forever. "

- Carmen Dugan, Head Designer

Shop Keepsake The Label  Heartlines Dress.

"Bodysuits are perfect for layering. Dress them up for a night out or wear them casually with some high waisted jeans. I love the high lace apex points on this style, which would be just visible under a low cut top. P.S. you can always tell from the style names what I'm listening to when I'm designing. I had my favourites Sticky Fingers on repeat while designing this range."

- Cyd Beard, Designer

Shop Keepsake The Label Intimates Dreamland Body Suit.

"I love the versatility of this top, as you have the option of wearing it back to front, so you can be a little riské or you can be conservative, depending on your mood. Plus I love the resort style and colours of this print, it’s fun."

- Mary Lawas, Assistant Designer

Shop Keepsake The Label  Breathe Me Silk Top + Great Minds Shorts.

"This is my favourite set. The way the skirt falls and drapes when worn makes you feel feminine and sophisticated."

- Llian Hayter, Graphic Designer

Shop Keepsake The Label  Scribe Top + Skirt.

Shop the full collection online now.

Words: Stephanie Dugan.
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