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New: JAGGAR Footwear 'Nexus'

New: JAGGAR Footwear 'Nexus'

Missing something from your shoe collection? Enter 'Nexus' from JAGGAR Footwear.

Combining innovative silhouettes with a retro referencing palette of cognac, orange and teal, this collection is decidedly different. Midnight black pony hair sits alongside snakeskin, the softest kid suede next to rose gold accents.

Knee high or backless, lace up or slip on, JAGGAR Footwear provides pieces guaranteed to be the focal point of any wardrobe.

Shop Nexus now.

B I G H T   B O O T

Oh so satisfying - satiate that hunger with this midi boot in delicious kid suede. Goes. With. Everything.

A L P I N E   B U T T E R F L Y   H E E L

Want the advantage? You got it. Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee. These heels are a total knockout.


H A N D C U F F   H E E L

This is no lustful tryst - this is commitment; this is for life. The perfect stiletto awaits - say I do.

T R I N I T Y   F L A T

The holy trinity; style, comfort + sass.

B I T T E R   E N D   B O O T

Don't be fooled, this is only the beginning. Over the knee and the softest suede, we're head over heels.

C A P S U L E   B R O G U E

Not as good as gold - better. The rose gold trend combines with the ubiquitous backless loafer for a shoe you'll never want to kick off.

D O U B L E   D R A G O N   H E E L

Total fire. Walk tall in this elevated block heel with curved peeptoe.

Z I G Z A G   T U R N S   S A N D A L

Go nude. These comfy AF sandals feel like a second skin.

Words: Lucy Ahern

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