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New: Finders Keepers 'Levity'

New: Finders Keepers 'Levity'


Keep it light, keep it simple. 'Levity', the September collection from Finders Keepers, takes the label back to its classic roots. Think on-trend silhouettes, effortless styling and signature prints juxtaposing a muted palette. Try an alternative to trusted neutrals and pick earthy terracotta or refreshing cloud, plus clean cut styles for an instantly pulled together ensemble.

We run you through our five favourite pieces from 'Levity', guaranteed to become the cornerstones of your wardrobe.

# 1   -   T H E   U L T I M A T E   F L A R E

Go all out with the flare trend + add a retro-inspired chunky stripe. Get next level with a matching blazer, or choose matching monochrome. Heads will turn.

# 2   -   T H E   K I L L E R   D R E S S

Everyone needs that dynamite dress in their arsenal. You know the one - timeless cut, hugs every curve and makes you look - and feel - flatout fantastic, every time. Meet your match with Finders Keeper's Sweet Talker Dress in black and cloud. Plus make it work for day by layering with a casual tee or long sleeved jersey number.


# 3    -   T H E   S L I C K   P A N T S U I T

Because sometimes it's best to keep it simple. This tailored pantsuit - plus cheeky cutouts - is the epitome of effortless cool (think Kendall Jenner straight from a show). Add slides for a street style look or pair with your favourite heels for instant fire. Did someone say legs for days? 


# 4   -   T H E   F A L L B A C K   K N I T

Warming up where you live? There's no reason you can't make knits work all year round. Pair this sleeveless fine knit with a casual culotte for the ultimate easy outfit.


# 5   -   T H E   A M   T O   P M   T O P

Friday night drinks after your 9-5? Going straight from uni to dinner? We've got this. Slip into this elegant shirt (try in tartan if you're feeling bold), add your favourite bottoms and throw heels in your handbag for later. Done and done.


Shop the full collection here.

Words: Lucy Ahern
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