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Need: 20 Pieces Every 20-Something Needs.

Need: 20 Pieces Every 20-Something Needs.


There's a shortlist of activities which take up the days in the life of a 20-something. As one myself, I can say that my time is generally spent taking part in the following: exercise, work…more work, eating, partying…more partying and sleeping (if I'm lucky). If you've just nodded your head, then you sir or madam are a 20-something - or can at least remember what it was like to be one. It is hard. You're thinking "Give me a break!" right? No deal. Admittedly it is a blast. So far my twenties have been probably the best of my life. But the struggle is real and I'm going to tell you why. It's very simple really. Facebook.

Yep. Mark Zuckerberg created potentially the worst thing to ever happen to us. If we weren't busy enough with work and other verbal commitments, other friends (ones you mightn't like/don't know at all) can invite you to events willy nilly, whenever they choose, via Facebook. Whether we actually attend is a different story. But chances are some of your good friends will be going or the pressure will get to you and you'll cave. Click. Attending.

Now the real problem, the serious issue which can only be resolved ASAP via group text with your best mates, the question which plagues us daily; what will you wear and how on earth will you afford it?

Well we've cut down to it, the 20 pieces you need to get your through your twenties extremely well dressed, with minimal stress. Avoid outfit repeats by changing in and out accessories and focus on different ways of styling them.



Top Left:The Fifth Label Pixelated Top Botton Left: Brixton Middle: Finders Keepers Top Right: Keepsake Pants Bottom Right: C/MEO COLLECTIVE TOP



Top Left:Brixton Bottom Left C/MEO COLLECTIVE Half Time Dress Middle: The Fifth Pixelated T-Shirt Top Right: C/MEO COLLECTIVE Small Things Dress Bottom Right: Finders



Top Left: The Fifth Pixelated T-shirt Bottom Left: Keepsake  Middle: The Fifth Label Top Right: Keepsake Bottom RIght: Keepsake



Top Left: C/MEO Bottom Left: Jeffery Middle: C/MEO Top Right: Finders Bottom Right: Baggu



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Words: Stephanie Dugan
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Style: #BNKRLOVE Round-Up