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Must Have: 10 totally different jumpsuits you need NOW

Must Have: 10 totally different jumpsuits you need NOW


Jumpsuit, pantsuit, romper, playsuit...whatever you want to call them, we can't get enough. The low fuss, more convenient alternative to the LBD. Windy outside? No worries. Getting in and out of cars? Easy. Stairs? Bring them on. We've put together our top 10 list of totally different jumpsuits, so you can be risk free and look damn good at all times.

T H E   S L E E P - S U I T

A little sexy, a lot comfortable.

Keepsake The Label Sleepwalker Silk Romper.

T H E   C H E E K Y   O N E

Show skin, stay cool.

Finders Freestyler Jumpsuit.

T H E   S T A T E M E N T

Event perfect, print strong.

C/MEO COLLECTIVE Wake Me Pantsuit.

T H E   R E P E A T   O F F E N D E R

Wear it once, wear it again.

Keepsake The Label Luck Now Pantsuit.

T H E   L O N G   S L E E V E

Combat the changing seasons.

Chantal Li wears The Fifth Label Just For Now Playsuit.

T H E  S T R A P L E S S

Boxy silhouettes, easy wear.

Keepsake The Label Little Love Playsuit.

T H E  V A Y - C A Y

Bright prints, holiday destinations.

Aimee Song wears Finders Move On Up Playsuit.

T H E  E V E R Y D A Y

Buy every colour, wear every day.

Keepsake The Label Luck Now Playsuit.

T H E   G I R L   N E X T   D O O R

Take it home to meet the parents.

Rima Rama wears The Fifth Label Love Is A Place Jumpsuit.

T H E   C O V E R   U P

Cover all your bases.

Finders Evolution Jumpsuit.

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Words: Stephanie Dugan

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