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MFW: Style Lessons We Learnt...

MFW: Style Lessons We Learnt...


Milan Fashion Week brought the brightest of the bright, eclectic pairings and unexpected takes on some of fashion's favourites. That bandanna you've been tying snugly around your neck? Milan says wear it loose and laidback. Your trusty black coat? Milan says go for all out colour. Any reservations? Milan says leave it at the door.

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N U M B E R   O N E

The lesson: Ampage.

How to: Pick pieces so bright you've gotta wear shades (and not just outside).


N U M B E R   T W O

The lesson: Start fresh.

How to: New season, new palette - we're looking toward crisp whites and creamy ivories in uncomplicated cuts.

N U M B E R   T H R E E

The lesson: Look East.

How to: Kimonos, oriental themed bombers and Eastern-inspired details were all over the streets of Milan. Make it contemporary with metallic accents and contrasting hues.

N U M B E R   F O U R

The lesson: Get envious.

How to: Emerald, khaki, olive - your new number one hue is green. From military jackets to unabashed '70s jumpsuits, this is one to watch.

L E S S O N   F I V E

The lesson: Leave your black coat at home.

How to: Make it big and make it bold when it comes to your outerwear this season - we're talking shag, shearling, faux fur and absolutely every colour.

L E S S O N   S I X

The lesson: Crop it off.

How to: We still love those voluminous floor-length flares, but a new kid on the block is quickly taking over. Try a cropped flare - a little more sophisticated and a lot more easy to wear.

L E S S O N   S E V E N

The lesson: Velvet.

How to: Try this in any way possible. We're reaching for anything full length or long sleeve.

L E S S O N   E I G H T

The lesson: Get keen.

How to: Mustard has no sign of slowing down as a new neutral in the wardrobe of every blogger, editor and street style kid.

Words: Lucy Ahern
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