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Meet Molly: BNKR Online Stylist

Meet Molly: BNKR Online Stylist


Free spirit. Flower child. Street style badass. Meet Molly, the most recent addition to the BNKR Online Stylist Team. We talk top picks for Christmas, Bieber fever and being proud of your not-so-secret obsessions.

S T Y L E   T I P   #  1


S T Y L E   T I P   #  2

Shop The Fifth Label Pixelated Top.

I'm secretly obsessed with…

I don’t keep secrets, especially in regards to my obsessions! I’m addicted to British reality TV shows - Geordie Shore and The Only Way Is Essex are my favourites (Isy likes to pretend...but she loves it just as much as I do).

Ultimate travel destination….

London! I’m going next year and I cannot wait to immerse myself in high street shopping, Harry Potter World and some sexy British accents.


S T Y L E   T I P   #  3

Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE Half Time Dress.

I’m listening to…

A lot of R 'n' B and Hip Hop. Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown are always on heavy rotation, but I’m also digging Goldlink and Mack Wilds.

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp A Butterfly.

Three items currently on my desk…

Lip balm, pens galore and chilli flakes! I love putting chilli on pretty much everything I eat.

S T Y L E   T I P   #  4

Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE In Dreams Skirt.

S T Y L E   T I P   #  5

Shop Brixton Womens Tara Heather Black.

If only they gave you a chance, which celebrity would you be the best of friends with (and why)?

Justin Bieber. I love his confident (sometimes arrogant) attitude. I could tour with him as his stylist and perhaps his dance skills would rub off on me?

Words: Stephanie Dugan


Win: 1 Of 50 Festive Season Survival Packs!

Win: 1 Of 50 Festive Season Survival Packs!

Favourite Things: 7/12/15

Favourite Things: 7/12/15