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Like A Boss: BNKR Stylist Hermela

Like A Boss: BNKR Stylist Hermela


Introducing the leader of the pack - Head of Customer Care + Stylist Hermela. Her style? Neutral, slinky and just so damn fly. She fills us in on her top picks for the season, plus we talk superheroes, secrets and sounds. S T Y L E   T I P   # 1

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I’m secretly obsessed with…

Peanut butter! Crunchy of course. I need to get my fix every. Single. Day. My real weakness is shoes (but I don't think that's a secret any more)!

Ultimate travel destination….


S T Y L E   T I P   # 2

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I’m listening to… 

I'm a real creature of habit. I listen to the same list, in the same order, on repeat. And I still can't get enough! 'Hotline Bling' by Drake kicks it off, always followed by 'I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)' - Jamie xx, Young Thug + Popcaan. It's the song of the summer - I'm calling it!


S T Y L E   T I P   # 3

Three items currently on my desk…

Artline 200 Fine 0.4, iPhone and a cheeky iced mocha. There is actually so much on my desk right now - but these are my favourites.

S T Y L E   T I P   # 4

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If you were invited to Ciara's 30th birthday, which Superhero would you have been...and why? 

Black Widow - because she badass! And that outfit though!

S T Y L E   T I P   # 5

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Lifestyle: The Struggle

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