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Lifestyle: Time To Celebrate Singledom.

Lifestyle: Time To Celebrate Singledom.


And why would we want to do that? [video width="608" height="256" mp4="http://blog.fashionbunker.com/content/uploads/2015/11/No-strings-attached-resized.mp4" loop="true"][/video]

11/11 Singles Day. Originally coined in China simply for having four 'ones' in the date, it has now become a national day for the single members of the population to celebrate (and shop). So pick yourselves up and get back in the game ladies, now is your time.

[video width="560" height="314" mp4="http://blog.fashionbunker.com/content/uploads/2015/11/Bridget-Joness-Diary-resized2.mp4" loop="true"][/video]

We know being single has it's moments e.g. having your whole life's happiness questioned by at every family gathering: "You're not getting any younger you know?". Sympathetic gazes from hand in hand couples on Valentines Day and well...every other day. No one to open your jars when they get stuck?

Okay so it's not that bad. On the upside you can basically do what you want, whenever you want. Have wine for dinner and go to bed at 8:30. No one will ever know (although you'll probably share on your Snapchat story - so everyone will). You are responsible for you and you only. Now that's something to celebrate.

5   T I M E S   Y O U ' V E   B E E N   T H A N K F U L  Y O U ' R E   S I N G L E

# 1

I N   T H E   C L U B

Shop Keepsake The Label The Only One Dress.

# 2

A T    T H E   G Y M

Shop The Fifth Label Tuning In Pant.

# 3


Shop Keepsake The Label Intimates Second Chances Top and Walking On A Dream Pants

# 4

W H E N   Y O U   D O N ' T  H A V E   T O   S H A R E

Shop The Fifth Label Right Now Dress.

# 5

E V E R Y   D A Y

Shop C/MEO COLLECTIVE Small Things Dress.

To sweeten the deal just that little bit more, use code 'SINGLESDAY' for 22% off store wide for 24 hours only. Shop now.

Words: Stephanie Dugan


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