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Lifestyle: Get On Up

Lifestyle: Get On Up


Get up off of the couch. I know it's hard - I'm right there with you, literally. The weekend goes by so quickly, often all you want to do is curl up and savour any small shred of restfulness you can. The thing is no matter how much couch surfing you achieve, chances are you'll still arrive at work on Monday sluggish, unmotivated and confused. How could you possibly still be tired when you've spent all weekend 'resting'? giphy

Unfortunately as much as we'd like to ignore it, exercise stimulates brain activity and generally makes us feel a million times better. We're not suggesting plunging yourself into serious, soul wrenching physical activity. The weekend is for relaxing after all. A simple run on the beach or stroll down the street (to your local coffee shop) will do wonders for your endorphins.

The added bonus? You get to hang out in your most comfortable get up, all weekend, no questions asked. This said, it doesn't mean you have a free pass to get out and about in your tan stained, Bintang singlet you got three years ago on a bender in Bali.

"But it's the only comfortable thing I own?"

Seek help immediately.

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Words: Stephanie Dugan
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