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Lifestyle: Fashion Bucket List

Lifestyle: Fashion Bucket List


With London Fashion Week just kicking off, our Insta-envy is at an all time high. What we would give to be squished in that front row, Alexa Chung to our left, Harry Styles to our right. And while this particular positioning may be but a pipe dream for most of us, anyone can really get in on the experience.

While some might list skydiving, Everest or Carnivale as their number ones to do before they die, the dreams of the fashion set may be a little different. We've created our fashion bucket list, with everything from the biggest shows and iconic locations to those you can achieve without a plane ticket.

1. Attend one of the big four.

Yeah, it kind of goes without saying. But whether you're actually invited to shows or not, heading to these fashion capitals while fashion week is on is still 100% worth it. Dress up, stake your position outside venues and watch the street style live instead of on your feed.

New York Fashion Week For the parties. Rub shoulders with the biggest bloggers, influencers and designers from across the globe here (or at least catch a curbside glimpse). See all our style snaps from this year here.

London Fashion Week The 'coolest' of the fashion weeks. You'll see street style stars wrapped in perfect combinations of vintage, upcoming designers and luxury, just off the runway pieces. Also see: Berlin Fashion Week, the mecca for the unexpected, underground and undeniably amazing.

Milan Fashion Week Chic as anything. Stock up on amazing leather while you're there.

Paris Fashion Week The original and (arguably) the best, the nine day fashion fest is exclusive, but you're sure to catch a glimpse of Carine or by hanging near the shows. Plus a great excuse to sip on champagne and bring out that Chanel boy bag for the day (if you even needed an excuse).

2. Go thrifting in San Fransisco.

Head to the Mission district. Bring multiple bags and your best eye. On the hitlist? Wasteland, Clothes Contact (where you can stock up on goodies by the pound) and Thrift World.

3. The Met Gala.

Enough said. If you do manage to score an invite, go hard or go home when it comes to the theme.

4. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Wait till it's in your country, book an interstate flight and take a mini holiday. This exhibition is not to be missed.

5. Get your hands on a piece of couture.

Speaking of JPG, make a piece of handmade goodness your own. Bonus points if it's fresh off the runway at Haute Couture Fashion Week.

6. Visit Indian bazaars, Marrakesh markets, Mexican villages.

Because sometimes you don't have to splash any cash to get exclusive statement pieces. Seek out the hidden places in new countries, where you'll find handmade textiles, homewares and accessories, these are souvenirs with heart.

7. 66 Perry St, Manhattan.

While Carrie might have made some questionable fashion choices throughout her time on our screens, the steps outside her $700 a week rent controlled apartment have been an icon since '98. They've seen cigarettes, heartbreak and so many Manholos, and while you can't sit, you are 100% allowed (read: obligated) to 'gram.

8. Hit up your parents' old wardrobe.

Leather, embellished silk blouses and ridiculous fashion faux pas, your parents' closet is an untapped treasure trove. You'll that have now come back in fashion, fodder for your next fancy dress party + add your own memories to pieces.

9. CFDA Fashion Awards.

As well as recognising the contributions made to fashion by designers + those in the industry, this event always guarantees a red carpet packed with killer looks (case in point, Riri's naked dress).

10. Start building your DVF capsule wardrobe.

Whether you're a fashion hoarder or a spring cleaner, there's always those pieces that you find yourself coming back to. Build out your wardrobe around them, focusing on investment pieces that you know you'll actually wear.

11. Tokyo's Ginza District.

Tokyo's luxury shopping destination. Stay out after hours to see a killer neon light display, head to Mikimoto Boutique for custom pearls or spend the day at Marronnier Gate in 12 floors of shopping and dining bliss. Plus finding a sushi snack to sustain you has never been so easy.

12. The jeans.

Levis. Nobodys. Some of us manage to do this earlier in life than others, but no matter your timeline, finding that pair of jeans that just fit really is an achievement. Now go buy them in every shade.

Words: Lucy Ahern
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