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Keepsake Intimates: The Pleasure Of The Morning

Keepsake Intimates: The Pleasure Of The Morning

It's very possible that I am actually a sixty year old, trapped in the body of a twenty five year old. I'd be in bed every night at 8:30 if I could. It sounds excessive but what I gain, is something that night owls everywhere may never come to experience; the pleasure of the morning. Waking out of a deep sleep, completely rested. Drifting slowly out of bed and barefoot into the kitchen, the cool tiles beneath my feet. I open the double doors letting in the cool morning air, patiently awaiting the boiling kettle. I clasp my fresh cup of coffee between my hands, inhaling its familiar scent, longing for that first sip. The calm before the storm.

Keepsake The Label brings you Keepsake Intimates, made for moments just like this. Uninhibited, private time; no matter what hour of the day or night you find it. Our BNKR LA team capture the essence of complete, personal peace with Keepsake Intimates and Sonya Esman of Class Is Internal (as featured by Damaged Goods).









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Images: Ted Emmons 

Words: Stephanie Dugan


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