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Just In Case: It's A Date...

Just In Case: It's A Date...


You've made plans to 'catch-up'. What does that even mean? Candlelit dinner? Netflix and chill? Is it even a date? These days you never can tell. Seriously though. We all know how stressful those open-ended plans can be. How can you prepare yourself in advance if there's no specified activity, no designated time, no further discussion than "See you then"? We've come up with a master plan to help you keep your cool and be fully prepped for whichever situation should arise.


"So...what do you feel like doing?"

Don't be caught on the spot. You never know you might end up saying. Is it raining? Are you on a budget or living large? What do you actually want to do? Still can't decide? Here's a few suggestions (should you happen to fall short).

Netflix + Chill

We're not kidding. Especially if the weather is frightful, taking some time on the couch is a perfectly viable option. Don't have Netflix? Even better (we don't either). Head to your local video store and get an education in the classics. Add popcorn + wine for a seriously cosy time.

Get Outside

Of course, no one wants to get out for a 10km run with our potential beau. We are down however with getting amongst the great outdoors. If the sun is shining, head outside for a backyard picnic. If you're feeling more adventurous, outside activities could also include mini golf and lawn bowls - neither of which require running shoes and can still be achieved while looking like a babe.

The Typical Date

Suit and tie it. There's a reason it works so well in black and white movies. Get dressed up, make small talk and share spaghetti. Come home, get in your trackies and talk till the sun comes up.


Unless you're Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, there are a few fail safe outfits we're pretty sure won't let you down.

Monochrome Casual

What could be simpler? Don't be afraid to wear pants or shorts, you'll be comfortable and avoid any awkward sitting and standing moments. Keep it feminine with a sheer blouse plus sneakers for low maintenance cool.

Alicia Roddy wears C/MEO COLLECTIVE Harmony Shirt + The Fifth Label Just For Now Pants

The Romper

Convenient and 100% cute. Wear with slides or dress up and walk easy in ankle boots. Plus throw on an oversized jumper or blazer for the colder months.

Mary Lawas wears Finders Keepers the Label The Rewind Jumpsuit

Girly Girl

Violet Grace wears The Keepsake The Label Tide High Mini Dress.

If dresses are your thing, stick to what you know. Pair mini styles with flats for day time or go all out for romantic eveningwear. Brave it with bare legs or layer up over pants if you're prone to the chill.


Getting Ready

'Never Trust A Happy Face' - Grouplove


'20 Golden Hits' - The Beach Boys.

Crucial Moment

'Currents'-Tame Impala.

To listen to these albums and more - follow BNKRLOVE on Spotify + head to BNKR for endless outfit options.

Words: Stephanie Dugan.
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Classics: The LWD

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