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Interview: The Suarez Sisters

Interview: The Suarez Sisters


We caught up with sisters Natalie and Dylana Suarez earlier this year during NYFW for our BNKR exclusive shoot. Plus, we managed to squeeze in a quick chat with the beauties on working with family, New Years resolutions and 'fashion' memories.

BNKR: Your first ‘fashion’ memory?

Natalie: Waiting for Dylana to hand me down her flared 'Limited Too' jeans with a leopard stripe down the side.

Dylana: My mom was a great seamstress and used to make us clothes to wear. She made me a pair of red plaid flare pants which I wore to elementary school. I thought I was so badass.

If you could wear one outfit, for the rest of your life, what would it be?

N: High waisted blue jeans, a vintage tee, and leather jacket. In that outfit you can go anywhere that involves adventuring.

D: Oh my god - I have to say the same as Nat! This look is our absolute go-to! I would wear black boots or my black Converse high tops - they are the best!

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A New Years resolution for 2016...

N: To put my heart and soul into everything I do.

D: To be more selfless and keep pursuing my creative endeavours. Also to meet more people to collaborate with and be inspired by.

The top trend for SS16...

N: The silk midi dress.

D: More exposed necklines and neck scarves.


A past trend you wish would make a comeback...

N: Military jackets. They were my life! Everyone called me 'officer'.

D: This is a tough one because I don't really think too much about trends. I just go with what I like. But I guess I would have to say menswear vests. I feel like I haven't worn mine in ages, and I kind of want to bring it back!

Currently spinning in my discman...

Nat: Bob Dylan and Odesza.

Dylana: The new song 'Gold' by Kiiara and 'The Prettiest' by Adna. So, so good!

The best part about working with family...

N: You can go absolutely insane and they'll still love you.

D: It's a no judgement zone, we basically read each other's minds. It's effortless.


My sister will tell you that I’m...

N: A total goofball.

D: Always going to be there.

To that I say...

N: I am pretty funny!

Dylana: I'm glad that I can be a good friend and am lucky to be surrounded by those who I love and who amaze me.

Style advice to live by...

N: Less is more. Don't be a clown.

D: Wear whatever you want. Don't follow rules and listen to your gut. Confidence is the best accessory.

Words: Stephanie Dugan
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