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Interview: Ted Emmons

Interview: Ted Emmons


Stunning. Scenic. A little risque. Shooting with everyone from Kendall Jenner and Phoebe Tonkin to Estee Lauder, NYLON + Atlantic Records - as well as heading up our photography in Los Angeles - Ted Emmons has established himself as one of LA's most sought after talents. We take five with the man behind the lens.

Age: 32 Birth place: Orange County, California Current location: Los Angeles Instagram: @tedemmons

BNKR: How did you get into photography? Ted: I went to college to study graphic design. I got burnt out staring at a computer screen all day so randomly picked up a camera and fell in love with photography.

What’s your first photography memory? Shooting nature and landscapes in Laguna Beach.

First camera you ever used? Canon Rebel.

What camera do you always carry with you? Canon 5D Mark III.

When did you make the move into the fashion industry? When my friend asked me to shoot her headshots.

Dream location? Capri, Italy.

Describe your feeling when you’re behind the lens? I always get a bit nervous and excited at the same time. I’m always thinking what I can do with the subject to make the shot interesting and different.

Whose work do you admire most? Mario Testino.

Ultimate collaboration? Daphne Groeneveld x Alexander McQueen x me.

Soundtrack when you’re shooting? Architects - 'Naysayer'.

Do you use filters? I don’t.

B E S T   I N   L A

Coffee: I’m a Starbucks guy. Sorry local LA coffee shops.

Hungover breakfast: McDonald’s french fries dipped in buffalo wing sauce with a Mr. Pibb soda.

Place for hangs: The Hollywood hills.

Touristy spot: Griffith Observatory.

Neighbourhood: Santa Fe Ave.

W H E N   Y O U ' R E   T R A V E L L I N G

Hostels or hotels: Hotels.

First thing you do when you land: Drink a beer.

Cars, planes or trains: Planes because I love tropical Islands.

Suitcase essentials: Board shorts and camera gear.

Solo or with friends: Friends but most of the time they can’t come.


Type of photo to shoot: Personal creative projects with my friends.

Destination: Eleuthera, the Bahamas.

Places to shoot in the US: Valley of Fire, Nevada.

Way to unwind: Driving back home to relax with the fam

All images courtesy of Ted Emmons.

Words: Lucy Ahern
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