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Interview: Rima Rama

Interview: Rima Rama


Model, blogger, stylist and all round cool-girl Rima Vaidila, better known as Rima Rama, has well and truly made a name for herself and her minimalist style. We managed to steal Rima from her busy schedule just long enough for a cheeky interview and exclusive BNKR shoot. Rima talks trends, beverages and 'Do blondes have more fun?' BNKR: Why blogging?

Rima: I started in fashion as a model and started my blog as a creative outlet. When you’re a model, you are told what to wear, how to act, what your hair should look like etc. You don’t have a say, you’re paid to play the part. Starting my own blog allowed me to show how I dress when I’m off-duty and also put me in creative control of my photos, editing and site design. I actually studied business marketing in school and just learned. 

Rima wears The Fifth Label Better Than Sunday Shirt + Just For Now Shorts.

24 hours with Rima Rama...

I’m freelance, so everyday is different! The one constant is starting my day with a massive iced coffee. If I’m booked as a model, I’ll be on set all day - and likely Snapchatting most of it. When I’m styling, I’ll prep outfits and accessories a few days before the shoot, and then will be on set all day dressing girls, and occasionally guys. If I have a 'free' day, I’ll spend my time catching up on blog-related emails, plan out any upcoming outfit posts, edit photos, plus I'll bum around on Pinterest and Tumblr. Typically there are a handful of model castings sprinkled throughout the week as well.

Have you always lived in LA?

I was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Florida. I moved to LA four years ago, when I was just a wee little 18 year old Rama.

If you had to live somewhere else, where would you go?

NYC. In a heartbeat. It’s cliche but the energy and 24 hour go-go-go mentality is contagious. Every time I visit, I leave exhausted and inspired. 

Rima wears The Fifth Label Lazy Moon Top + Pants.

When you’re not working, where can you be found kicking back? 

I love sleeping in and hanging out at home. My idea of relaxing is comfy clothes, a massive green smoothie and looking at fashion magazines like Russh, Jalouse, L’Officiel and GLASSbook. I also love Pinterest and spend more time on it then I’d like to admit. I’m also weirdly into drinks, so I’ll probably be surrounded by water, green juice options, iced coffee and iced tea. I like having beverage options readily available. Don’t judge me.

You’ve recently undergone a pretty serious hair makeover. So tell us…do blondes really have more fun? 

I mean…..yes? Absolutely? Just kidding! I think I have the same amount of fun, but the change from my natural brunette was amazing. It’s crazy how something like switching up your hair colour can make you feel more 'you'. I’ve been loving the platinum and think I’ll keep it for a while, it makes me feel like a million bucks. And for an added bonus…I don’t have to wash my hair as often. 

Rima wears Finders Keepers The Label.

If you could never wear denim again… 

Eeeeeeeep...don’t say that! I’d be pretty bummed since I wear jeans six days a week.

Best trend of 2015...

Minimalism. It's finally in! I don’t think there’s anything more chic than dressing simply and letting your personality shine through.

Worst trend of 2015...

Flared denim. Some girls can totally pull it off - major props to them - but they just look weird and unflattering on me. Not a trend I can get behind. 


Rima wears The Fifth Label Love Is A Place Jumpsuit.

Your most memorable shoot?

I absolutely love travel jobs for modelling. Exploring new cities, eating great food, getting my hair and makeup done, running around in cute clothes and being able to call that 'work' is the most rewarding thing. I recently was in Seattle for the first time shooting the Vans Holiday campaign, which comes out later this fall. The city was amazing and the crew was like family by the end. Definitely one of the best shoots I’ve been on in a while. 

Heels or flats?

Flats…well, sneakers or boots. But I’m not mad at the 'I’m-going-out' strappy, heeled sandal for evenings. 

Rima wears The Fifth Label Sleepwalker T-Shirt and Just For Now Skirt.

Plans for the future...

Well - talking immediate future - I’m planning on subletting in NYC this fall for a few months to try out living there. I’m also planning to launch a separate website with a little collective of cool-girls, if you will, that will feature original content covering all lifestyle topics, e.g. style, beauty, food, travel and health. I’m focusing a little more on building my work as a stylist as I think that is an avenue I’d like to pursue a little more. It's challenging juggling many different interests within the same industry but it's what makes me happiest.

Rima wears C/MEO COLLECTIVE Break Free Top.

Words: Stephanie Dugan
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