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Interview: CBKDxBNKR's Cooper Davis

Interview: CBKDxBNKR's Cooper Davis


22 | Male | South Australia | Fashion Designer Not often words you hear together in a sentence. For emerging designer Cooper Davis it’s a reality. Joining forces with Australian online fashion destination BNKR to create a wild, exclusive capsule collection CBKD X BNKR.

Cooper lets BNKR in on his distain for early mornings, superpower preference and shares invaluable life advice.

Full Name: Cooper Brian Kevin Davis Worst middle names ever - thanks Dad…

Instagram: @cooperbkdavis @cbkdxbnkr

Nickname(s): None that I feel obliged to share.

If you could rule the world - what would you change? The whole day would start two hours later so everyone would start work at 11.

First thing you had to eat today? Two pears, same as every day for the last two months. It’s like a better version of the apple.

No 1. CBKDxBNKR piece? The MATANGI DRESS. It’s a real wild dress for a real wild girl. Someone you’re drawn to regardless of her opinion of you. Real cool.

Top 5 picks from BNKR? Shadow Play Bomber- Keepsake The Label Bright Young Things Dress- The Fifth Label The Vista Coat- C/MEO COLLECTIVE Brightside Pant- C/MEO COLLECTIVE Anything from CBKDxBNKR... but then I'm biased haha.

Would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds? Flight. The possibilities are so much better. I think mind powers are more fashionable though.

Late night/early morning? Absolutely not early morning, so late night by default.

How do you take your coffee? A little bit of milk and (even in the middle of winter) with ice. I’m inhuman.

Biggest achievement so far…. CBKD x BNKR of course. Graduating fashion school is a close second AND moving out of home.

What’s your get psyched song? M.I.A.’s Bring the Noize or 2NE1’s I Am The Best.

The best advice you’ve ever received? Ms Lauryn Hill once said: ‘Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem.’

Words: Stephanie Dugan
CBKD x BNKR - MTV Exclusive

CBKD x BNKR - MTV Exclusive

New: The Fifth Label Sticks & Stones

New: The Fifth Label Sticks & Stones