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Interview: BNKR MUA Isabella Iasenzaniro

Interview: BNKR MUA Isabella Iasenzaniro


Isabella Iasenzaniro is more than just a hair and make-up artist - she's also the brains behind beauty looks for labels including C/MEO COLLECTIVE and Keepsake, plus the curator of a wildly popular blog and Instagram (tens of thousands of followers can't be wrong, hey?) We chat Jane Birkin, fresh faces and who you really need to follow on Insta with BNKR's resident MUA + beauty expert.

BNKR: What's your beauty style?

Isabella: Clean. I love 'no make-up, make-up'. Which believe it or not, can be the hardest to achieve. It’s so easy to slap it on, but to create something that is seamless can be difficult. To me, it's all about the skin – it’s probably the thing that I spend the most time on.


How did you became involved with BNKR?

I’ve always been really passionate about supporting locals, so that was the biggest thing that drew me to it - but basically I knew someone within the company and once they informed me that a position as hair and make-up artist was available I had to have it! 

Favourite part of the job?

Getting to work with other young creatives everyday – we constantly bounce off of each others' energy, it’s awesome. And most importantly, every day is so different and I am learning so much. I like to be challenged and for my mind to be stimulated; being bored isn’t something that I enjoy.

Most memorable shoot?

Definitely when I got to shoot with Anja Konstantinova. She moves like a goddess, she is so beautiful. And her face is to die for, I felt very lucky to work with such a pro. Plus she’s a fellow short girl!  

Isabella working her magic on set for C/MEO COLLECTIVE. Image via @isabellaias.

What’s your favourite beauty trend at the moment? 

Definitely not the clown contour craze! My fave at the moment is the ‘reverse contour’ - it's all about focusing on the highlights of the face and not the ‘contour’ part. It gives three dimensions without that heavy or cakey look.

Dream model to work with?

If we are talking crazy famous, then I’d say Candice Swanepoel. Otherwise, I’d say Helena Vestergaard.

Favourite soundtrack on shoot day?

Beyonce - what else? Oh, and sometimes 50 Cent makes an appearance.

What are the top items on your BNKR wishlist right now?

I'm loving neutrals and shells - the Harmony Shirt and Firestone Skirt by C/MEO COLLECTIVE are up there, as well as The Fifth's easy wrap dress and Keepsake's gorgeous silk shirt.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

My daily skincare regime - I love applying a moisturiser with a few drops of rose hip oil and allow it to soak in while I do my other morning jobs. And then eat, because I get real hungry in the morning!

Sleek pony or messy bedhead?

Oh, don’t make me pick! They both have their place, but for me personally, I’m all for the messy bedhead. Again, much like my make-up style, I like hair looking more undone, then done. 

Go-to lipstick colour?

If I feel like being a bit spunky I’ll rep some plum and wine tones – anything warm really. But for every day, it’s balm all the way. 

Where do you look for beauty inspo?

WSGN, style.com, Pinterest and even Instagram. We have access to so much now that the sky's the limit! I also love finding inspo from the older, more iconic beauties like Jane Birkin – she’s a fave of mine. 

Best accounts to follow on Insta?

There are so many that I love but my faves of the moment are:

Henrik Purienne (@purienne_): I love his photography, he is definitely one of my faves!

Kevin Murphy (@love_kevin_murphy): He is by far one of my biggest inspirations and I always like seeing what he is up to. 

Renya Xydis (@valonzhaircutters): Super inspiring. 

TheTmrw (@thetmrw): I’m am also slightly obsessed with blogs that post lots of decorative room ideas - this is by far my favourite.

Your Instagram and Tumblr have garnered a pretty huge following – when did you start these?

It’s so weird because I get asked this question all the time and I never really know how to answer it. For me, it started about three years ago when I decided to start sharing what I like and what inspires me - it’s just lucky that there are others who feel the same about what I post! I am forever looking for inspiration; it is kind of my escape from reality and I can spend hours doing it. If I had to say anything, the key is to posting regularly. On Instagram, I generally post twice a day (when I wake up and before I go to sleep) and on Tumblr, I post whenever I find images that I like, generally multiple times a day. I have accumulated so many images that I need somewhere to put them all, and that’s kind of how my blog started!

Where do you curate your content from?

I gain most of my content from other blogs, Instagram, Tumblr and even just general every day life. If there is something that has happened in my day, I try and find a image that projects that. Number one rule: I always credit, because as someone in a creative craft too, I know and respect the importance of giving credit to the people who have created the beautiful imagery that I post. Most of my week is taken up by shooting and so I suppose my content also comes from that – I get to work on so many beautiful faces that I like to show them off wherever possible. Plus I like supporting the BNKR brand and giving back where I can. 

See more from Isabella at @isabellaias + her blog Crystallography.

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