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In Review: The Best + Worst Trends Of 2015.

In Review: The Best + Worst Trends Of 2015.


2015 brought us an avalanche of flares, Drake's Hotline Bling video (and subsequent parodies) and clown contouring. So what trends did we love and love to hate this year?

Our staff share their highlights and oh-so-lowlights. And yes, there were fights involved.

Stephanie Dugan, Social Media Assistant

The best: Flares, lace, Jamie XX's 'I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)', Alexander Skarsgard’s Tarzan rig + denim everything.

The worst: Hands down. The neck scarf. For some reason a tie equals great but a triangle scarf is heinous to me. 

Alistair Brown, Creative Producer

The best: Justin Bieber. Everything Biebs. #thatpic The rise of Gigi in all forms. Including her Testino cover.

The worst: Man buns. Make them stop. Please.

Kendall Sargeant,  PR Director, America

The best: the backpack, the flare and Rosie Assoulin everything.

Image: rewardStyle

The worst: Ugg boots - I don’t care how much money you’re paid to wear them...(Kendall & Gigi), just don’t.

Cyd Beard, Keepsake the Label Designer

The best: Chet Faker and Marcus Marr, high ankle boots (low calf boots), single earrings, neck ties and neck scarves, '70s anything and off the shoulder everything.

Cooper Davis, Customer Care Senior Garment Technician

The best: fringe, metallics and outfits for dogs - because all three together are a real good time.

Lucy Ahern, Marketing and Social Media Manager

The best: "What's good?", Hotline Bling parodies and any shade of brown lipstick.


The worst: fur lining in shoes (sorry, Gucci).

Molly Leonard, Customer Care Stylist

The best: Fluffiness in all its forms - pom poms, shoes, bags, earrings, anything.

The worst: Lace up pointed flats and best friend t-shirts.

Hannah Beals, Marketing Director, America

The best: distressed denim hemlines, neck ties and cropped flares.

The worst: dresses over pants, lace up heels, patchwork denim (too Britney and Justin for me).

Hermela Kebede, Head of Customer Care

The best: all things khaki! Nude, nude, nude. And anything tight and midi.

The worst: the cropped denim culotte. 

Paul Hanna, Graphic Designer

The worst: top knots (more a 2014 trend, but yet, they still exist). Also, girls wearing one earring.

Jordan Fraus, Customer Care

The best: straw hats, off the shoulder tops and structured lace.

The worst: black lipstick and the 'dadbod'.

Georgia Zogopoulos, Head of Public Relations

The best: the necktie + '70s trend! I loved rocking the flares.

Isy Battiste, Customer Care Garment Technician

The best: the neckerchief! I love a good accessory! Cool sneakers worn with cute dresses + skirts. Plus the raw edge finish on everything.

The worst: too much contouring - some people take it too far.

Words: Lucy Ahern
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