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In Review: Our 2015 Regrets (AKA New Year Non-Resolutions)

In Review: Our 2015 Regrets (AKA New Year Non-Resolutions)


While those healthy eating and working out for three hours every day resolutions seem to evaporate by the end of January, sometimes it's the memories of our missteps that stick around little more.

What we didn't do in 2015 (or perhaps what we did more than we'd like) can spawn resolutions for the new year, at least remind us of the things we should really, really try not to repeat come 2016.

Our staff let us in on what they regret from the year that was - from Bieber and tattoos to getting a little too turnt at work events.


Hannah Beals, Marketing Director, America

Doubting that Justin Bieber would make a comeback. Never doubt the Biebs.

Alistair Brown, BNKR Creative Producer

Still have not got my tattoos. Like why?

Cooper Davis, Customer Care Senior Garment Technician

My only regret is having made only one dog outfit in 2015.

Georgia Zogopoulos, Head of Public Relations

Driving to Melbourne - being towed the whole way wasn't so fun.

Molly Leonard, Customer Care Stylist

Spending too much of my precious time on social media - and dying my hair bleach blonde again, what was I thinking?

Hermela Kebede, Head of Customer Care

Getting turnt at work events...I suck.


Kendall Sargeant,  PR Director, America

My sell to buy ratio of vintage clothing...why do I always feel like I have nothing to wear?

Isy Battiste, Customer Care Garment Technician

Not sewing as much as I wanted to! I need to make more time for it in the new year.

Paul Hanna, Graphic Designer

Wasting so much time on my phone instead of doing productive things.

Words: Lucy Ahern
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