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How To: Travel Fresh Like A Celeb

How To: Travel Fresh Like A Celeb


Travelling smart is one thing, travelling with style is another. It's all well and good to arrive safely, with all your belongings, at your destination - but what do you have to show for your smarts if you look like a hot mess when you stroll off the tarmac? It's all about keeping up appearances. Easier said than done? How do you stay impossibly fresh and well-dressed with 48 hours flight time, 3000 stop overs and a severe lack of zzz's under your belt?

P A C K   R I G H T

Travel essentials care of serious PR babe Kendall Sargent.

A well packed carry on is the holy grail. Arrive alert and keep your mind busy with some serious reading material. Ditch any old mags and refresh your supply during stopovers to avoid unnecessary baggage weight. Plus be sure to keep your phone and laptop handy, for entertainment (tip: some apps still work on flight mode) plus a long flight can be the perfect time to catch up on work. Beauty must haves include tinted moisturiser + night repair cream (we love Grown Alchemist), a heavy duty lip balm and sleep mask (because we all know it's called beauty sleep for a reason).

S E N S I B L E   S H O E S

There is nothing worse than uncomfortable footwear, especially on a long flight when your rescue flip flops are packed right at the bottom of your checked in luggage. Choose a pair you've had at least six months and are thoroughly worn in, but not haggard - that's important. Go for a sneaker, flat or slightly raised boot. Wear your chunkiest pair (if you can) to allow for more room in your luggage.

L I G H T   L A Y E R S


Pick one easy wearing, light coat and stick with it. Layer over a classic t-shirt and jeans like Jessica Alba. Hint: it'll double as a blanket if you feel like nodding off.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

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A C C E S S O R Y   O V E R L O A D

MK + A know how to cover up.

Just one of the many lessons to be learned from The Olsens is: when in doubt, cover up. At the least keep your favourite hat and sunglasses ready. That way if you're not looking as fresh as you hoped, you'll still look effortlessly cool.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K


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Oversized stripes for Gigi.

Keep it simple with the ultimate oversized basic. Go cotton for comfort and breathability. Pair with a skinny leg and chunky slide to wear it like Gigi.

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Words: Stephanie Dugan
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