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How To: The Perfect Party Pony.

How To: The Perfect Party Pony.


Haven't quite mastered that phresh off the runway, sleek AF pony yet? We feel you (look, some days the only fix is dry shampoo...or a hat). You can do it. We believe in you. In Part 2 of our party ready tutorial series - in collaboration with the gang at ELEVEN Australia - we show you how to get the perfect pony for yourself. We promise.

Take a peek at Part 1 here.

S T E P   1   :   S M O O T H

Begin by combing out any knots - if you have any natural curl or frizziness, use a blow dryer and brush to stretch out any kinks, straighten the mid-lengths and ends to add extra sleekness.

Add a few pumps of ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment to your mid-lengths and ends to get rid of any frizz. You can use this product on damp hair before blow drying, or like here, you can also use it once dried – it will add shine, smoothness and protect against heat styling.

S T E P   2   :   D I S S E C T   +   S E C T I O N

It is important to dissect the hair into sections; the biggest mistake most people make when trying to create a sleek runway pony is trying to get it all up at once.


Start by taking a triangle section on the top of the head, with the top of the triangle pointing towards the crown. You want to make sure that the bottom points of the triangle are wide enough and in proportion to your hairline and head shape. Twist and hold with a section clip.

Create another two triangles on either side of the head, again, having the wider part of the triangle as the hairline and the top pointing towards the crown. Then twist and fasten with a clip.

You should now be left with one big section at the back of the head; this is what forms the initial ponytail positioning.

S T E P   3   :   P O N Y T A I L

Spray ELEVEN Give Me Hold Hair Spray onto the hair, and brush until the lumps and bumps are out and you have a clean, smooth finish. Decide on the height of your pony and then fasten with a hair tie – this will now act as the base of your ponytail. Doing this section of the head first will also ensure that the back of the pony stays tight and doesn’t loosen with wear.

Grab the side sections and repeat, bringing them in to the centre of the head and fastening with another hair tie.


Now for the top section – this can be varied depending on your personal preference. If you like more volume, you can add some texture, however, here we're keeping it sleek and neat, so more hairspray is applied and hair is brushed into the rest of the pony to finish.

S T E P   4   :   S H I N E


To smooth flyaways and add extra shine, use 1 – 2 pumps of ELEVEN Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum – use any excess to smooth over the ponytail. 

S T E P   5   :   T W I S T


Use ELEVEN I Want Body Volume Powder on the ponytail and shake to activate - this will add grittiness and enhance holding power. Divide the pony into two even sections and then begin to twist, starting from the top and working your way down. Don’t twist it too tightly, especially if you have fine hair, as it’ll rid the pony of fullness and make it look too thin.

Fasten with a small clear elastic...and you're done.

Isabella used (in order of appearance):

ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment

ELEVEN Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray

ELEVEN Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum

ELEVEN I Want Body Volume Powder

MUA: Isabella Iasenzaniro Model: Angel @ Azalea Models

Words: Lucy Ahern / Isabella Iasenzaniro



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