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How To: The Festive Season Beauty Look We Can't Resist.

How To: The Festive Season Beauty Look We Can't Resist.


Like a winged eye adds touch of retro or a wine lip makes you feel vampy + badass, a lustrous eye look can amp up your regular party look and get you in the mood fast. Our resident hair + beauty expert Isabella Iasenzaniro runs you through how to achieve a gorgeous copper eye - you'll keep coming back to it all festive season (we guarantee it).

S T E P   1   :   M O I S T U R I S E

It's always important to moisturise the skin as part of your make-up prep, to give yourself the best canvas to work on. Using circular motions, massage the product into the face to plump and stimulate blood flow.

S T E P   2   :   P R I M E


For this look, I use a primer with illuminator in it to give the skin a sunkissed glow. Work the product all over the face using a foundation brush to ensure an even coverage.

S T E P   3   :   B A L M

Apply a lip balm to your lips at the beginning of your make-up routine to soften and prepare the lips for your chosen colour.

S T E P   4   :   F O U N D A T I O N


Foundation shouldn't be a total cover up and should only be applied where necessary. Here, I focus on the areas that generally need it - like under the eye, around the nose, the chin and the forehead.

Use a sponge and the warmth in your fingers tips to blend down and outward, diminishing any lines and giving a seamless finish.

S T E P   5   :   P O W D E R


The same rule applies when using powder, less is more and you can always re-apply through out the day or night if need be.

Add a light layer over the whole face and then focus mainly on the T-zone as again, this is what usually needs extra attention.

S T E P   6   :   E Y E S H A D O W


Start with a gold toned eye shadow as your base – here I am using Eyeko’s Me and My Eyeshadow in Topaz. The gold works beautifully under the peachy pink tones and give dimension to the eye.

Next, I use Coppering by MAC to accentuate the eyes and add that sunkissed feel. Apply with an eyeshadow brush all over the lid and then go back with your blending brush and buff it all out. Colours with a metallic sheen generally blend better than those with a matte finish, so if you’re a beginner keep that in mind when picking eye shadows. You may also blend this down into your bottom lash line for an intensified effect.

S T E P   7   :   I N T E N S I F Y


I then apply Sushi Flower by MAC to give the eye a more pinky vibe. Slightly wet your eye shadow brush to add intensity to the pigment. Again, blend down into the bottom lash line to tie all together.

S T E P   8   :   E Y E L I N E R

Push a dark liner into the lash line to create definition (I use Costa Riche by MAC). It isn’t about creating the perfect visual line, its just about creating depth and fullness to the lashes.

S T E P   9   :   L A S H E S

Ensure that lashes are curled to get maximum volume and drama for when mascara is applied.

S T E P   1 0   :   M A S C A R A


You want quite a chunky looking lash to complete this look, so I apply multiple coats of Sport Waterproof Mascara by Eyeko until the desired thickness is achieved.

Use the brush in multiple ways, gliding it from root to tip, side to side and by using the very tip of the mascara wand to build fullness, as this is generally where the product is heaviest.

Repeat on the bottom lash line until you are happy with the lash fullness.

S T E P   1 1   :   H I G H L I G H T

Apply a peachy highlight to compliment the eye concentrating mainly on the cheekbones, t-zone and on the cupids bow to add extra glow and sheen.

S T E P   1 2   :   B R O N Z E

Apply a light layer of bronzer around the hairline, under the cheekbones and around the jaw (if necessary) remembering to blend down into the neck and décolletage.

S T E P   1 3   :   C H E E K S


To really emphasise the eyes, I go for only pinch of colour as though it were your own natural flush.

Smile to locate the apple of your cheeks and then blend outwards. I use a cream blush, so fingers are the best tool for application.

S T E P   1 4   :   B R O W S

Brush brows upwards to create fluffiness and then fill in only if and where necessary. Use a clear brow gel and leave the rest of your brows bare if you have fuller lashes, or try a tinted gel.

S T E P   1 5   :   L I P S

Press your fingertip onto your chosen lipstick colour and dab onto the lips. Here I used a soft nude, pinky colour but you can vary the colour to suit your own personal style. Lipstick is super personal; stick to what you feel suits you best.


See more beauty tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Isabella used:

Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Day Cream

MAC Strobe Cream

Grown Alchemist Watermelon & Vanilla Lip balm

MAC Face & Body Foundation in N3

MAC Select Sheer/ Pressed Powder in NC40

EYEKO Me and My Shadow in Topaz 

MAC Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow in Coppering

MAC Satin Eyeshadow in Sushi Flower

MAC Eye Kohl in Costa Riche

EYEKO Black Magic Lash Curler

EYEKO Sport Waterproof Mascara 

MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Golden

MAC Cremeblend Blush in Lady Blush  

MAC Brow Set in Clear

MAC Matte Lipstick in Kinda Sexy

Words: Isabella Iasenzaniro / Lucy Ahern




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