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How To: Negative Nail Art

How To: Negative Nail Art


You've spotted on the talons of your favourite bloggers and heading down the runway - not to mention all over Pinterest. Nail art master Vanessa Strangio of Pretty Little Things Beauty takes us through the negative nails trend.

"Manicurists are loving the look of the negative space and geometric nail art," Vanessa says. "Intricate nail art using bold hues like black and white or burgundy is a must try look this season."

T H E   T O O L S

You'll need:

- Cuticle pusher and clipper - Nail file - Nail clippers - Vinyl nail tape (available online or your local chemist) - Nail colour of your choice - Good quality top coat + base coat - Solaroil cuticle oil (or your favourite)

2U6A9617 T H E   P R E P

Clip nails first (if necessary) and file the nail to get your desired shape, whether it be square, round, oval or somewhere in between.

Lightly buff tops and sides of the nail with a nail buffer to create a smooth surface.

Pushing your cuticles back is important (it allows more of the nail surface to be exposed) - do this carefully then cut excess cuticle away.

Apply a base coat to help hydrate and protect nails.



T H E   H A L F   M O O N

To achieve this gorgeous burgundy look, gently position the half moon template to create your desired shape on the nail, pressing it down firmly to avoid polish seeping through.

Tip: when placing the templates on the nail, allow them to hang over the nail as it'll be easier to remove after.

Paint from the edge of the tape to the nail tip, applying two coats of your polish.


Once nails are painted but still wet take a pair of tweezers (or your fingers if you've got a steady hand) and gently lift off tape.

See below for Vanessa's tips to make your mani last longer.


T H E   W H I T E   S T R I P E S

This may look a little trickier, but we promise you don't have to be an artist to perfect it.

Position nail striping tape in your desired pattern, again pressing firmly (you can use your cuticle pusher here if necessary).


The whole nail - including the striping tape - will need to be painted for your negative space look. Again, apply two coats of your preferred polish, and while still slightly wet gently remove the tape with tweezers or your fingers.




T H E   F I N I S H I N G   T O U C H E S

Finish with a top coat, as this protects your manicure from chipping and adds ultimate shine to your nails.


Adding solar oil to your cuticles completes the look and provides extra hydration. Voila!

See more of Vanessa's work at @pretty_little_things_beauty.

Words: Vanessa Strangio of Pretty Little Things Beauty
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