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How To: Nail The Minimalist Mani.

How To: Nail The Minimalist Mani.

Prefer to skip blinged out nails and Christmas tree decals for the festive season? Try this minimalist mani. "Not only is the festive season full of fun, crazy and exciting fashion but it’s all about having the nails to match," says Vanessa Strangio, our resident nail art master and founder of Pretty Little Things Beauty.

"I’ve chosen three of this seasons hit colours black, white and nude," Vanessa says. "This look is effective yet simple and can be achieved by anyone."

T H E   T O O L S

You’ll need:

– Cuticle pusher and clipper – Nail file – Nail clippers – Vinyl nail tape (available online or your local chemist) – Nude/natural nail polish – Black/dark nail polish – White nail polish – Good quality top coat + base coat

S T E P   1   :   P R E P

Start by giving the nails a basic manicure if needed, filing the nail and lightly buffing the nail to create a smooth working surface. It’s also a good idea to push your cuticles back, allowing more of the nail to be exposed. Visit our previous tutorial for helpful hints on preparing your nails for the perfect manicure.

Once this is done apply a base coat to begin.

S T E P   2   :   B A S E

Choose your desired natural or nude nail colour polish to paint the whole nail, as this will be the base colour.

S T E P   3   :   S H A P E   U P


After allowing the base colour to set, gently place the nail tape onto the nail to create your shapes. We’ve placed one strip of the nail tape directly down the centre of the nail and another going across the nail, again through the centre.

The nails are now ready to be painted, creating geometric shapes.

S T E P   4   :   P A I N T

Use black polish to paint one full side of the nail. Use white was to create another square.

Hint: when applying the polishes in the lines, it's best to not get to close to the nail tape as you do not want to remove the tape to find the polish has bled.

S T E P   5   :   F I N I S H

After allowing the polishes to set, gently remove the nail tape to reveal the whole look.

You're then ready to complete the look with a top coat, which will add ultimate shine.

See more from Vanessa on Instagram @pretty_little_things_beauty.

Words: Vanessa Strangio / Lucy Ahern
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