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How To: Major In Fashion and Being A Boss

How To: Major In Fashion and Being A Boss

Workin' 9-5? Doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to suit sets and collared shirts forever. Bold colours, unconventional silhouettes and t-shirts are all well with the realm of acceptable attire. We're looking to our favourite career girls (fictional + IRL) who also boast some serious style for pointers.

J E N N A   L Y O N S

Jeans are more work appropriate than you think - and not just for Casual Fridays. J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons knows the value of top notch denim, pairing with staple shirts and heels for a look that will have you the best dressed at any meeting.

And it's not just jeans either - Lyons also reaches for palazzo pants, slim cigarette styles and flares. Comfortable and too cool, pants really can't be beat - and heels aren't compulsory either. Plus add some metallics and you're ready for that new bar opening down the street.

E L L E   W O O D S

While you don't have to go full pink and fluffy - or her 'serious lawyer' look either - don't try to be someone you're not. If you're about bold colour or prints, keep your cuts + hemlines simple a la Elle's classic courtroom style (try to avoid a Bridget Jones 'is skirt off sick' moment wherever possible). Midi skirts + dresses are your friends, as are neutral pieces with tie details or layering.

(P.S. Reese Witherspoon talks a possible Legally Blonde 3 here).

N I C O L E   A D O L P H E

Nicole will try anything once. Cosmopolitan Australia's Fashion Director (and front row fixture) slays at mixing and matching - prints, textures, silhouettes, basically anything - as well as choosing unique pieces that suit her mood that day.

The lesson here? Don't be afraid to try something new. Consider your comfort levels (both desk and commute) and again, hemlines - but if you've been inspired by the latest street style snaps from around the globe, it can't hurt to give it a go at the office.

M I R A N D A   P R I E S T L Y

Always remember the classics, the staples, the investment pieces. A few quality basics will take you a long way.

Now for all that we've said about steering away from bland suits, if you've got a perfectly tailored number, then go all out - or make it work double time. Dress down trousers with a jersey tee, add a sleeveless vest to your pencil skirt or make like Miranda and add a statement coat or accessory.

That's all.

F R A N C E S C A   A M F I T H E A T R O F

Considered and classic, Francesca's look is polished with a slight twist - and totally ready for any event she might have to slip to post-work.

Emulate the Tiffany & Co.'s design director's sophisticated style with new textures in neutral hues, clashing monochrome prints and pieces that fit in all the right places.

L I N D A   F A R G O

Your work wardrobe doesn't all have to be blacks, greys and navy - we promise. Case in point, Linda Fargo. Referred to as the "eyes of Bergdorf Goodman", the senior vice president of the fashion office and store presentation knows her style. Reaffirming the importance of balance, she chooses flattering silhouettes and tried-and-tested ensembles - but favours a unexpected accessory or punchy hue.

Brighten up your office, brighten up your mood.

Words: Lucy Ahern





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