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How To: Effectively Use Your Weekend So You Don't Balls Up The Week's Good Work

How To: Effectively Use Your Weekend So You Don't Balls Up The Week's Good Work

I'm not super great at 'moderation'. I watched the first 15 episodes of Younger in 1.5 days. I cannot open a block of chocolate and leave a square left. I'm not proud of it; but it's who I am now. In the same vein, once I've had a big night then basically the whole weekend is a write off. I'll eat hash browns for breakfast, KFC for lunch and order $50 worth of Menulog for dinner. It's a routine now.

And I make my way through another shallot pancake - and another episode of Younger - I think of all those 5.50am starts to slog it out at the gym, all those times I only had two Oreos when I really wanted four. So this weekend, it's time for pre-damage control.

Avoiding ballsing up all that good work you did during the week by trying some of the following - your bod (+ mind) will thank you.


Prep. Realism is key here - 'experts' might say that Asian pears and green juices will help prevent that seemingly inevitable hangover, but unless you are a truly responsible human you are not reaching for much greenery in the hours pre bevvy.

Things that'll help your body in the lead up: natural fats (hey avo dip, I see you), proteins, healthy starches (sweet potato fries, anyone?). Also water. Obviously.

Ease up on the pre-gaming. Yeah it's tempting to inhale three vodka shots before your Uber arrives but we all know it's a really shitty idea in the long run - even if you're playing catch up. The longer before you're 100% written off, the longer you have to enjoy with your friends. Maths.

Or at least have your dranks with food. Every one says to line your stomach, I get it. But there's a reason - it's legit advice for not getting to messy too quick. Also, drink wine. Actual real life evidence that it's better for you than beer or spirits.

Recover right. Do as I say, not as I do here, obviously - no one needs three rounds of different kinds of fried potato in one day.

No one makes friends with salad after a long night out. You know your 100% bestie? Eggs. All the eggs. They apparently reduce the effects of alcohol toxins and that is good enough for me. Avoid coffee too - it'll just make your sad, dehydrated self even sadder and more dehydrated.

Side note: a night with less than adequate sleep can also evoke munchies on par with those other kind of munchies, so late nights on Tumblr aren't going to help you either. But try a wrap packed with veg and grilled chicken/fish if yu do.

Go for a walk, mate. If you can't physically/mentally make it to the gym - alcohol related or not - at least get those pins moving.With your dog, with your other half, or with that Spotify playlist that is the reason you put your account on private. Get some vitamin D in you in prep for those five days inside the confines of an office block.

Put your phone down for a sec. Take a mental break - your phone's for sneakily looking at during your working week and making plans for your next weekend. Plus it'll help increase your sleep quality - win/win.

Clean things. Some find it therapeutic, soul cleansing. That's not me. But you know what? It makes me feel like a goddamn real adult when I realise that all the dust that has been accumulating on my dresser since I moved in is now gone. Pat yourself on the back.

Avoid hair of the dog.  It's all fun and games until you're hungover on Monday, your will to live dives below zero and you're basically this puppy trying to get out of a bowl but it's your actual life for nine hours.

Words: Lucy Ahern

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