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Guest Blogger: Ferris the Mini Lop

Guest Blogger: Ferris the Mini Lop


Meet the cutest, furriest and most loved member of our staff. Introducing office mini lop bunny, Ferris Owen- beloved pet of Head Photographer, Gretl Watson-Blazewicz. This little rabbit has met more models, been part of more photo shoots and has more Instagram followers than you or I may ever have. Because it's every bunny's favourite time of year, Ferris shares his best BNKR moments and wishes you all a very happy and safe Easter break.

With my friends @_mango_fandango and @elfyscott.

This babe @afluter.

She walks for Louis Vuitton now. No biggie. My mate @madi_stubbington.

@_mango_fandango and me.

What a beauty. I love you @vitawestimg.

Up close and personal with @emiliaskuza.

An old fashioned photo with my mate @soraya_jae.

@ryan_greasley is all right. Not as handsome as me though.

Mum got me a new friend. He's a bit funny looking.

On my date with @bambilegit.

On set with @anja_konstantinova

I could get lost in your eyes @valentinaruby.

My no. 1. Love you mum.

Follow all my adventures at @ferris_day_off and don't forget- all the best bunnies shop at BNKR.

Words: Stephanie Dugan

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