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Feature: The Bra-less Revolution

Feature: The Bra-less Revolution


Whether you've got big ones, small ones or ones as big as your head, you have to admit - sometimes having boobs is a pain in the ass (no pun intended). At least when deciding what to wear. Sometimes your dream outfit is right there, just dying to be worn but your only appropriate bra is in the wash or it doesn't fit like it used to. Disaster? Maybe not.

More and more women lately are choosing to abandon the discomfort of the underwire and enjoying the liberation which comes with going braless. No matter how large the breasts, it feels so damn good to set them free (why do you think there are so many memes about it?). While we recognise that we can't do it all the time, for fear of early onset sagging which nobody wants; but when the situation calls for it we say 'yes'.

Not only is this good for our souls but for our wardrobes. Racer backs, cowl necks, low backs, strapless, low sides are all suddenly an option. No more awkward bra peeking over the edge, no more trying to layer bandeaus underneath and hoping it looks okay. Just think of the possibilities.

Think your boobs are too big for this? Think again. There are plenty of added extras you can get to help perk them up if this is an issue. Our opinion? Just work what your momma gave ya. If anything, people will just be impressed - and probably jealous - because after all, we all want what we can't have.

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Words: Stephanie Dugan
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