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Feature: Outfit Emergency Prevention 101

Feature: Outfit Emergency Prevention 101


Here's the kick in the shins. Despite our best efforts, our bodies are continually changing, shrinking, stretching and wrinkling. Just when we think we know our shape, the universe intervenes and suddenly we're more of an apple than a pear. Maybe you've so been so stressed at work that you've barely had time to eat, or (if you're more like me) your stress levels have forced you to have just that one too many afternoon Caramello Koalas. Both perfectly normal coping mechanisms. Unfortunately both commonly result in unwanted changes to our bodies. This becomes a problem when you reach the end of the week (or month) and your dream outfit no longer fits quite the way you want it to (or at all). But what can you to about it? Not have that extra Caramello? I think not. The answer ladies? Preparation.



When shopping we instinctly reach for the styles that we know we love to wear, when we're feeling our very best. As women, the reality is, it's possible that when we actually want to wear said purchased items, we may not feel quite as crash hot as we hoped. It's not our fault. We face a multitude of variables everyday which can lead our confidence astray and leave us feeling less than sexy. But we won't get into that.

What we can do, is simply try to shop a little smarter. Think about the bigger picture the next time you're sifting through the racks in your favourite store or switching between the 30 different online stores you have open in new tabs on your MacBook. Try to build up your wardrobe with staple pieces you can style together - to make people think you're feeling hot, even when you're not. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and end up feeling better than ever.

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Words: Stephanie Dugan

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