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Endless Summer: BNKR x ModelCo

Endless Summer: BNKR x ModelCo

BNKR teams up with iconic Australian beauty company ModelCo for an editorial capturing the spirit of Australian summer. While the months might pass, bringing overcast skies and chilly days, BNKR x ModelCo celebrates eternal warmth, the joy that comes from scattered sunlight on your skin and the breeze in your hair.

Featuring Zoe Cross – a quintessential natural beauty - it's at once carefree and sophisticated, natural yet polished. Think tousled waves and a hint of dewy tanned skin alongside crisp whites and clean tailoring, statement prints and a hint of sparkle for after dark.

With all looks created using ModelCo’s range of beauty products and teamed with pieces from C/MEO COLLECTIVE, Keepsake, Finders + The Fifth Label, it has us yearning for hot sand, beachy hair and all the ice cream you can eat. See how to achieve that sunkissed look in our tutorial below.

Plus read on for an interview with homegrown model + all round stunning creature, Zoe Cross.


BNKR: How did you get scouted?

Zoe: I don’t really have a scout story unfortunately – just a friend who knew the director of IMG in Sydney, yeah.

So what was the first campaign you ever did?

I've worked with a lot of creative people – I worked with Inez Garcia from Inez Daily, Justin Ridler was probably one of the first big photographers that shot me, he was awesome. Steven Chee as well – I did something for Shop Til You Drop with a mate of mine and [he] shot that, so that was cool.


What's your favourite shoot you’ve been involved with?

Oh, there’s been a few – I recently went to the Maldives to shoot for Roxy and that was really awesome. We were staying on a boat for about 10 days…I got really bad sea legs, and especially from going from the boat then onto a flight, then it wasn’t until I got home when I crashed…I was swaying in bed going ‘What’s going on?' - it was really fun though. I got used to a boat rocking me to sleep every night. That was definitely one of my favourites as well. And I did love the Shop Til You Drop piece because we camped in Kiama, which is like a town three hours south of Sydney, so that was really fun with the whole crew and it was one of my first really cool experiences with a team.

If you weren’t a model, what would you be doing?

Good question…probably acting. I’d definitely be trying to do that. Or I do enjoy hair and makeup – love – [and I've] learnt a lot being in the industry. So something hair and makeup, acting.

What are your other passions?

I do love working with animals, surfing, water sports…that was probably another good highlight from the Maldives, I got to surf for the shoot which was really cool. So it was surfing out the front of a desalinated Coca Cola factory – which is the only one in the world and we were surfing out the front of it! And not many people know that you can get desalinated Coke – it tasted really weird though.

Have you seen the BNKR brands before?

Yeah, I definitely love everything within the BNKR store.

Do you have a favourite?

I do love The Fifth Label – ready to wear basics. But then I love really wacky pieces – there was one that I saw before [Keepsake’s bronze lurex]. I love wearing basics but then I love wearing really wacky stuff. I feel like I’m a chameleon.

Look Four 160217_BNKR_xMODELCO2376

Is your beauty style like that as well?

Yeah, I do a bit of everything. Definitely loving a bit of pink on my eyes at the moment, burgundy - maroons make my eyes look really blue and intense...I just love playing around with stuff – don’t take it too seriously. I think that’s the key to anything you wear or do or make up – just rock it and then people will [respect that].

Do you have a favourite ModelCo product?

I love the Lash & Line Mascara...and the Luminosity illuminator.

How do you relax?

Go for a surf, play with my dog…

What kind of dog do you have?

I’ve got an Italian greyhound, he’s still a puppy, so I've just been really preoccupied with that, and that’s really fun. And just kind of chill out, take ten. And I have a lot of time off in between work, so its all about keeping myself busy and fit. Love doing fitness because that zones me out like pilates.


F A S T   Q S

Natural waves or straightened hair?

Natural waves.

Gigi or Bella?


What has been your wildest adventure?

Exploring Berlin.

Personal style icon?

I do love Margaret Zhang.


Zo, sometimes Zohan. A lot of my close friends call me Zohan.


Shop the latest from BNKR here + stock up on beauty essentials at ModelCo.


Model: Zoe Cross @ IMG Photographer: Alistair Nicholls Photography Assistant: Seb Paynter Stylist: Monica Morales HMU: Isabella Iasenzaniro using ModelCo products (below):

Highlighting Trio Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara Bronze Shimmer – Pressed Bronzing Powder Replenishing Rose Mist Lip Lacquer in Morocco Brow + Eye Duo Highlighter More Brows in Light to Medium

Words: Lucy Ahern

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