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Culture: Summer All Year Long

Culture: Summer All Year Long


The sick, sad truth is that summer doesn’t last forever. Whether we like it or not, for every heatwave and beach bum there’s always a rain cloud or thunderstorm six months down the track. While summer only consists of three months on a calendar, there are certain ways you can cling on to our favourite season like it’s the only thing you've got in your miserable, #firstworldproblems life. W A T E R

Being close to a body of water is one of the fundamental joys of any good summer. From paddling pools to the five star island getaway you can’t afford - there’s nothing more relaxing than frolicking in the good blue stuff. Luckily, just because autumn has reared its handsome amber-leaved head and rain threatens your wine tour plans, it doesn’t mean that your six-weeks-to-bikini-body body is irrelevant just yet.



Wherever you are around the world, you may not know that end of summer and a lot of autumn is actually when the ocean is at it’s warmest. We don’t blame you for not knowing - Siri doesn’t even tell you that - but ask any surfer and they’ll nod their perennially tanned heads. If you want to get technical about it, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) confirms that the sea surface temperature (SST) varies much more slowly than atmospheric temperatures due to the heat capacity of water, therefore the highest SSTs are observed in early autumn. What? Basically, grab your togs and take a trip to the coast and bask in the now not so extreme sun (before it's too late). On top of that, local pools have something called heating, and usually stay open until winter is upon us. Haven't you ever swum in the rain? It’s hilarious!

S H O W   S O M E   S K I N



Because you’re on a fashion website, you’re probably interested in clothes right? Honestly, I'm really a 't-shirt and jeans' kind of guy, but everyone knows summer fashion calls for more skin, less fabric. It can be flattering or daunting depending on how you look at it, but regardless there’s something so satisfying about getting your kit off or stripping back to the bare essentials and showing off your natural side. But with the cooler months beginning, what is one to do about staying warm while showing skin? Thongs (or flip flops, as our American brothers and sisters say) are your best friend. They’re a year round staple for me, but for the ladies a good pair of sandals, Birkenstocks or similar work just the same. They are flexible, practical and damned comfy, and aren’t just reserved for stoners and dole-bludgers. The only other fashion advice I can make up give you on top of that is just wear shorts. Long or short shorts, it doesn’t matter; you can rug up above the waist. Your legs are usually moving so they keep themselves warm, and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a jumper with shorts (I think?). Oh and if those fabric fedora hats are still cool when you read this, keep wearing them. Nothing says summer like sun smart practices.

F O O D   +   B E V

Eat right, feel right. Summer is all about fresh salads, hot chicken and chips, crisp beers, fruity sangria and refreshing white wine. There’s no point not to continue such a delicious regime. Buying all those things from the supermarket is easy, but when you step out of the house in your shorts and thongs, on your way to the beach, where do you continue your search for more of the summer stuff? Look for cafes with outdoor areas and seasonal menus. Avocado is always where it’s at, and you get bonus points if they do more than just smash it. In our home town ADL Rosey’s (Unley) has an excellent outdoor area, which provides shelter from the elements, as does The Corner Store (Dulwich). For drinks, lunch and dinner, go somewhere like Leigh Street or Ebenezer Place. Both have great semi-sheltered outdoor areas for most of their eateries, so even if it buckets down in the muggy-heat, you can enjoy that rain smell we all love while sipping on a drink.

img: @roseys_cafe

Speaking of drinking, what tastes like summer but is available all year round? Beer-wise, look towards pilsners, summer ales (obviously), session ales, Belgian style beers and anything else your barkeep recommends as lighter, fragrant and fruity. A local favourite is the Lobethal Beirhaus Bohemian Philsner, or if you want to something more exotic, look towards pretty much anything Mexican, Caribbean or Spanish, like Barcelona’s Moritz. White wines are great all year around, but the fruitier varieties like Rieslings or Pinot Gris have that certain summery taste. Local but internationally renowned Shaw and Smith do an excellent Riesling, or head to France (figuratively speaking, unless you actually can, then do that) for any one of their thousands of Pinot Gris.

For something that completely encompasses the idea of summer, look no further than a Campari. Have with soda, or in a negroni - the delightful bitterness will surely make you forget about your own bitterness with having to slog through another winter.



Pubs or bars with great sheltered beer gardens should be where you spend your evenings, and any heaters can win you bonus points. Adelaide boasts The Edinburgh Hotel (Mitcham) with a lot of sheltered areas, or in the city you can’t go past the Exeter.


Stay on your bike as long as you possibly can. It just sucks to ride in the rain, especially if you slip over and almost drown in a puddle. Autumn and spring are probably the most picturesque seasons anywhere around the world, so it’s a great time to explore. Plus it helps keep those abs (that you promised to get yourself last autumn) toned and fat free, unlike those hot chips we’re eating.

Open air cinemas are brilliant excuses for drinking good wine in parks and on beaches, while racking up personal culture and arts points. American ice-cream superpower Ben & Jerry’s have set up an open air cinema down at Glenelg which runs well into April.



Or if you don’t need a reason to justify your mild gluttony, just picnic. Gorge yourself on cucumber sandwiches and drown those winter blues (before they even are born) in the name of a social gathering. Lounge in the sun and use up the rest of those terrible Polaroid photos on things like trees and picnic rugs. Extra points for getting out of town and down the coast, but there’s no reason you can’t turn your back (or front) yard into a picnicking extravaganza.

G O   A W A Y



If all else fails and the weather forecast isn’t looking bright (pun intended), the colder days are perfect for planning your well-earned getaway. Live out your travel dreams and seek sun elsewhere - your career will hopefully be still there for you when you return. There’s no shame in abandoning your job, family, friends and responsibilities for a few weeks to get a hot injection of the vitamin D. A holiday takes a long time to plan, but the planning stage is actually half the escape. Rack up a cheese board, get comfortable and start looking to GTFO. Whether you seek pampering on an exotic island paradise, or roughing it to make yourself feel good help those in need in third world countries, the best thing about travelling is that you pick entirely when and where you want to go, and therefore whatever climate you’re after. And don't forget - clearly the best thing about travelling is filling your Instagram page with strategically skimpy photos and pissing off your co-workers with your hyper-frequent social media updates about how you much you’re #lovinglife with the #lads or your #squad.

Words: Brendan Cooper

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