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Classics: Trans-seasonal Essentials

Classics: Trans-seasonal Essentials


And so we enter that slightly awkward season, where the big question is: to jacket or not to jacket? Whether you're moving towards winter or summer, the need for good quality layering pieces is 100% real. We're talking versatile knits, light vests and the all important coat - layer up, ladies. T H E   K N I T

Roll necks, cable knits or your everyday go-to, knits can be a saviour in those 'oh god what do i wear' moments. Try draping around the shoulders for easy access when the chill comes along.

Shop knits here. 

T H E   V E S T

Think you can't pull off the vest? Think again. Go for flattering long lines, layering with short or long sleeves and don't be afraid to change it up with prints.

Shop vests here.

T H E   C O A T

Need one piece to invest in? This is it. It'll keep on giving, season after season, year after year.

Shop coats here. 

T H E   L I G H T   J A C K E T

The perfect transseasonal piece. Not too heavy, not too light, this baby can be thrown on even when the weather is iffy.

Shop jackets here.

T H E   B L A Z E R

Not just a desk job staple, make the blazer work for your style - AM or PM - during the inbetween months. Choose classic black, navy or ivory to get the most out of this one.


Shop blazers here. 

Words: Lucy Ahern.





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