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Beauty: Runway Looks That You'll Actually Want To Wear

Beauty: Runway Looks That You'll Actually Want To Wear


Lucky for us, the latest beauty trends off the runway are way easier to achieve than we think. Our in-house MUA and hair expert Isabella Iasenzaniro tells us how. Wind Swept

No more fighting with fly aways - they're now our friends. For that whispy, fluffy look, super clean hair is best as you can build grit only where needed and fluffies will be in full force. To achieve this look, hold hair in a pony and then use your blow dryer to blow/expose fly aways and enhance whispiness. Fasten the pony, then twist hair into bun, allowing ends to run free and stick out. Spray with a shine spray (I use Shimmer Shine by Kevin Murphy) to give a wet look and create a different finish. To add texture to the front, use a dry shampoo (like Water Killer by evo) and use fingers to rub in. For extra hold, finish with a light, buildable hairspray (e.g. Builder's Paradise by evo).

Rag & Bone

Ermanno Scervino


Allow your inner child to come out with the latest, most sparkly trend on the runway right now - embellishments. I bet there isn't a girl out there who didn't have a glitter eyeliner in her first ever makeup bag. Now is the time to bring it out again! Whether it be on the eye, under the brow or on your part line, this look is achievable for the subtle or the not-so-subtle kinda girl. For a little on the eyes, coat eyelids with a lip balm and press some glitter on lightly. For an intensified finish you can use a sealing formula, like Illamasqua Sealing Gel. All you'll need to do is apply one drop to your favourite metallic eye shadow and it turns it into a paste. If you're feeling more of the glitter brow game, a glitter liquid liner is perfect and super easy to apply - try The Body Shop Silver Liquid Liner.

Giambattista Valli

Dries Van Noten

Fringey Fro

Who doesn't love a ‘less is more’ beauty trend? To achieve this look successfully, think one word: air-dry. It's all about the prep; once hair is washed, lightly towel dry - no rubbing - and then wrap hair in a towel for a good 20 minutes. Keep in mind if you have thicker hair, it might need about 30 minutes. When you take the towel off, hair should still be slightly damp. Next you'll want to use a curl enhancing lotion (reach for Killer Curl by Kevin Murphy) to scrunch and shape curl. Finish off with a beach texture spray (I love S0alty Dog by evo). If you have a fringe, be sure to comb hair forward with a wide tooth comb and scrunch also. Only use your fingers to comb rest of hair. If your hair is more wavy than curly, continue scrunching while hair dries to help build curl and volume.


Alice Metza

Twists and Braids

Twists and braids are having a big impact on the runway this year. The best part? You don’t need a visit to the hairdresser to achieve them. If you're wanting something a little subtle to break up your everyday 'do, try a twisted back, half-up, half-down style. It looks super cute and is perfect for the girl who loves her hair down but hates it in her face. If you are wanting something more sleek (or are having a dirty hair day - because let's be honest, we all have those), try a sleek low/mid pony. Brush hair using a paddle brush and spray to fasten and add shine (try Kevin Murphy Session Spray). You want your twist or plait to have shine and almost look semi- wet. Using a shine serum like ELEVEN Australia Smooth and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum or spray will not only give this effect, but will also help to keep it in place by adding hold.

Proenza Schouler


Words: Stephanie Dugan + Isabella Iasenzaniro

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