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The Best Thing About (Ah) Being A Woman...

The Best Thing About (Ah) Being A Woman...

We all know the song. Shania Twain says "it's our prerogative to have a little fun" and you know, I tend to agree. But it certainly doesn't feel fun all of the time. In fact, I'd say I'm guilty of resenting my gender at least once a day, every day for the struggles it throws me. Before you say it, no I'm not just talking about the red dragon that comes to ruin our lives every month. I'm talking about the things our hormones do to us which, I'm sorry guys, you will just never fully understand.

Not to mention it being far more expensive to be a woman, should you choose, like many of us do to get hair cuts, wear nice clothes, remove body hair, use heavily taxed feminine products (not a choice I might point out) etc. Not that our male counterparts can't or don't do these things (although the feminine products thing seems a little unnecessary) but it simply tends to come with a higher price tag for us. 

But you know what? It's all part of what makes us so gosh darn awesome. So today on International Women's Day, we lift our sisters up and embrace all that it means to be female. In a business run by at least 80 percent brilliant, creative and hardworking women this is something we feel pretty strongly about.

In honour of this, we asked our lovely ladies just exactly what they thought was 'The Best Thing About (Ah) Being A Woman'...

Kate Wasley - BNKR Retail Operations Manager

"Running the world!!!"

Isy Battiste - BNKR Customer Care Supervisor & Garment Tech

"Your gals! Always there to pick you up."

Molly Leonard - BNKR Customer Care Stylist

"Using your feminine wiles to your advantage."

Rosa Sanchez - US Accounts Team

"The ability to procreate beautiful human beings."

Alexandra Easling - BNKR eCommerce Coordinator

"Using fashion to express and explore your personality in a society that places way too much value on the way women look. I think it's kind of - IWD buzzword alert - empowering to dress the way that you want instead of the way others might want or expect of you. Also, fancy shoes."

Kris Haljak - BNKR Ethical Trade Manager

"Being able to do, achieve and create anything you put your mind to."

Isabella Iasenzario - BNKR Head Of Hair + Make-Up + C/MEO COLLECTIVE Social Media Co-Ordinator

"Pussy power! That we can lean on each other when society tells us we ain't good enough."

Ellie Aitchison - FINDERS + JAGGAR Social Media Co-Ordinator

"That we have the ability to create life! The fact that we can grow life inside us is pretty phenomenal."

Mary Lawas - The Fifth Denim Designer

"We get to experience drunk girls in girls bathrooms; I have never felt more powerful, uplifted and smoking hot."

Kelly Childs - SA Showroom & Returns Co-Ordinator


Lucy Ahern - BNKR Marketing and Social Media Manager

"Comradery. The support of other women - and men, and non-binary individuals - who share in our experiences, helping us to connect with them and ourselves on a new level."

Words: Stephanie Dugan

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