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What's On Our 2017 Adelaide Fringe Shortlist?

What's On Our 2017 Adelaide Fringe Shortlist?

Fab Feb? Mad March? Whichever way you swing it, it's an excellent time to be in Adelaide with the Fringe Festival kicking off yet again Friday 17 February. This means not only are we looking forward to the return of our favourite pop-up venues including The Royal Croquet Club, The Garden Of Unearthly Delights and Gluttony but the plethora of eclectic, talented, often left of centre Fringe acts which come with them.

If you’ve already gone and got yourself a Fringe Guide (very organised- you go girl), then you will really understand just exactly how much is on offer. So. Many. Options. If you’re like me, you’ve probably thumbed through and doggy-eared more than half the guide. The trouble is, unless you’re Hermoine Granger with Dumbledores time turner you just can’t see them all.

To help you narrow it down, we’ve put together our shortlist of shows we’ll be attending for 2017. A little from column A, a little from column B. Because there's only so many times you can watch someone swallow a sword. 


Graeme Of Thrones- World Tour 2017

Calling all Game Of Thrones junkies. Having sold out shows in London’s West End and USA, the ‘Thrones’ fan takes you on a journey through the Seven Kindgoms. 

“An original and un-authorised parody on the international phenomenon that is Game Of Thrones. See it before the inevitable lawsuit.” 

Get tix.


80’s teen films + circus skills. We’re sold.

“Inspired by 80s teen films, Filament follows 8 characters and their coming-of-age stories. This new approach to storytelling combines astonishing circus skills with tales of love, self-discovery, acceptance, and betrayal. Mix in dazzling lights and an infectious soundtrack, Filament shines a fresh yet familiar light on acrobatic theatre.”

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Magical Mystery Coach Tour

If you’re really having trouble choosing, this could be for you. 

“A unique day out in the countryside with the Fringe's best comedians performing in 4 mystery locations. Previous years include The Lane Vineyard, Cleland with Kangaroos & Birdwood motor museum.”

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Nigella- Love Bites

Because a really good Nigella joke is sweet like rich chocolate sauce dripping off a spoon...

“Nigella -- Love Bites is a triumphant character cabaret that explores the sugar highs and front page lows of Nigella's career.” 

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Argus & The Liar

Head to dive bar Ancient World and get down to some silky smooth, hip-hop with Adelaide’s own Argus & The Liar.

“The beats will make you dance and the lyrics will make you think.” 

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Un-Plotted Potter

In case you couldn’t tell from our previous reference- we’re big Potter fans. Seriously we’ve already got tickets. Don’t miss out.

“In UnPlotted Potter, we go off the Marauder’s Map and into the forbidden forest of supporting characters to explore previously untold stories of the Potterverse. You choose the character, we tell you their story.”

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Old Blues, New Grooves

Hosted by Adelaide institution The Wheatsheaf Hotel (affectionately known at ‘The Wheaty’), sink some specialty brews and settle in with some serious Blues.

“Old Blues, New Grooves Blues re-imagined for today.

Smashing together the smoky smears and intense grooves of traditional Blues, with today's technology. Dreamboogie is Blues for today.”

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Yo Mama Battle

Yo Mama so fat… nah we got nothing. Let's leave it to the experts.

“In this tournament competitors go back & forth, trying to come up with the best insults. The best contestants will battle it out but; You pick the topics, they fight, you pick the winners!

For the first time in Adelaide after selling out shows in Sydney, Edinburgh, New York & LA this is an experience not to miss."

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Africa Entsha

Maybe you caught them last year at the World Cup opening ceremony? We didn’t but we can’t wait. 

 “A smart slick acappella 5-piece…Distinct from the other African music shows that have stormed the Fringe in recent years in that they freely blend western pop elements of the male vocal harmony tradition into their performance.”

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Get ready to be moved; body and soul. Don’t miss Gospo Collective back for the first time at Adelaide Fringe since their sell out season in 2014.

“With an array of South Australian voices, including the Jones Commentary to comprise a dynamic backing choir, you will have no choice but to get out of your crib and up in the club with music from Aretha Franklin, Bee Gees, Earth Wind and Fire, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Hezekiah Walker, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé... The funky list is endless.”

Get tix.

Who Shot Ya

A tribute to the late greats. Learn a little, dance a lot.

“Who Shot Ya? A three-night audiovisual tribute to some of our musical idols that were tragically shot dead, cutting short their outstanding lives and musical legacy. “ 

View the complete Adelaide Fringe Guide here.

Quotes + images via Adelaide Fringe.

Words: Stephanie Dugan


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