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The Christmas Hustle: How To Survive Every Single Party

The Christmas Hustle: How To Survive Every Single Party

Before I got a proper, legit real time boyfriend, Christmas was a breeze. Sometimes we headed to my cousin's house, or my aunty's, or occasionally it was my little 3 person fam on our own, working out how to pop three crackers at once and having way more ham to share around. Now everything is different, and I spend more time in a car shuttling between homes (and ham) than I do actually with people.

So how do you handle Christmas Day without everything turning into a giant, tinsel-covered mess? 

Tactic 1: Prioritise.

As much as we wish we had a Time Turner, Hermione Granger style, sadly this ain't Hogwarts. Sometimes you've got to sacrifice time on the big day. Reshuffle non-fam or non-bestie engagements to Christmas Eve or Boxing Day - or leave it till New Year's + see 'em with everyone else. They'll understand (probably).

Tactic 2: Short + Sweet.

Quality, not quantity is key here. More than 10 minutes, less than 2 hours is generally a good rule. It allows for travelling time, some food consumption and enough time to chat to your great aunt about why there's no ring on your finger yet. 

Tactic 3: No Seconds.

Unless you've got a stomach to rival Mary Poppins' never-ending handbag, you've gotta face facts: you just can't fit it all in. Say no thnx to that extra serve of turkey or slice of pudding and you'll be at least a little more prepared to face your next 'do without transforming into Tim Allen. 

Tactic 4: Planning.

Give Google Maps a workout and plan how you're going to get everywhere before 9am that morning. Plus if you + your SO are tackling it together, rock-paper-scissors who can have a champagne brekkie and who has to wait till the last stop at Grandma's to have a cheeky brandy.

Tactic 5: Come Bearing Gifts.

Especially if they're first on your list, a lil' gift will ease that blow that you're heading to someone else's party later for the main event - and that chances are you like them more.

Words: Lucy Ahern


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