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Party Season Beauty (That Doesn't Involve Glitter).

Party Season Beauty (That Doesn't Involve Glitter).

Candy cane nails, glitter brows + highlighter to rival a disco ball - sometimes holiday season beauty takes it a little far.

If you're still lacking in the inspo department for your NYE or Xmas looks, try something a little more low key, thanks to our in-house MUA + beauty guru Isabella Iasenzaniro.


Step 1: Start with a freshly washed and dried face. Follow by applying your favourite moisturiser to match your skins needs and type. 

Step 2: Apply your foundation – your hands are the best tool here, as they warm the product up to ensure a blended, seamless coverage and finish.

Step 3: Time to conceal. Using your finger tips, pat the product under the eyes until blended. Be sure not to rub or pull; be nice and gentle. 

Step 4: Next, brows. Using a brow gel ensures that you get a fluffy, natural finish. If you prefer, use a pencil - however it generally requires a little more blending afterwards. 

Step 5: To create a subtle yet party ready look, we're choosing a warm toned eye. Using a orange-based shadow, wash over the entire lid and follow with a blending brush. For more intensity, bring the colour down under the eyes. You could even use a bronzer for this step, as it gives a beautiful warm tone to the lid - just make sure it isn’t too dark! 

Step 6: Apply 2 coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Step 7: Now for the bronzer. Apply a light wash of bronzer over the cheeks – we don’t want to heavily contour, just to give slight definition. 

Step 8: Add highlight to your cheek bones, Cupid's bow and down the bridge of your nose for dimension and glow. 

Step 9: Swipe a clear or tinted balm over your lip and you're good to go! 

Words: Lucy Ahern/Isabella Iasenzaniro

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