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Flat Chested Girls You Make The Rocking World Go Round...

Flat Chested Girls You Make The Rocking World Go Round...

Vogue say 'cleavage is over' and small-breasted women everywhere rejoice. Myself included. Finally the genetic make up which previously had us pinned as less sexy, less desirable, has finally come through. We are officially in-vogue and stoked about it.


But then what of our fuller bosomed friends? Though we’re consistently cursing them for the natural born assets we wish we had, technically they do have it harder than we do. I can walk into any old place and buy a bra in my confirmed, never wavering size, not try it on and probably be perfectly satisfied with my purchase. Just to throw fuel on the fire, chances are I didn’t pay much for it either.


I know for a fact this is not the case for our more bodaciously blessed counterparts. My best friend in the entire world, mysteriously sprouted huge boobies over the Summer break between first and second year high school; and they have just kept growing. In the now thirteen years we have known each other, I have followed her through countless bra shops hoping to find just one which: 

a) fits properly

b) isn’t hideous

c) isn’t ridiculously expensive


Let me tell you it isn’t easy. Not to mention, trying to dress for any occasion in which it might not be appropriate to show cleavage. Tricky business.

So this makes me wonder, does Vogue realise how hard this actually is? Despite the fact that anyone should be entitled to flaunt it when they want to, a large percentage of the female population just can’t even help it. Sorry guys, according to Vogue, you’re officially ‘out’ this month.


But not according to us. We believe you can look damn good and 100% in-vogue regardless of your cup size. Whether you’re looking to cover up or show up, we say go for it.

Just do it well.  




Words: Stephanie Dugan.

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