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DIY: Winning Spring Races Accessories

DIY: Winning Spring Races Accessories

Guys, headpiece shopping is hard - it's basically the jeans shopping of the accessory world. First, it's got to suit your outfit - perfectly compliment but not overshadow. Then it's got to actually fit your head. 

Or maybe you're one who goes for statement jewellery instead? Maybe a tad easier, but no cake walk. So what's the solution? Make it yourself, obvs. Guaranteed to be cheaper, perfectly tailored to your outfit and 100% you.

Plus haven't got your outfit sorted yet? Fix that ASAP with our Spring Racing Edit.


You'll need:

- Real and plastic flowers of your choice
- Metal or plastic flowers and leaves (available from Spotlight/your nearest craft store)
- Earring hooks or hair clips (if you're making an earring or hairpiece respectively)
- Pliers
- Hot glue gun
- Bobby pins (to fasten)

Thread the end of wire (attached to a plastic or metal leaf) through bottom holes of a metallic flower and wind to fasten. Open up bottom of earring hook with pliers and thread through opposite end of metallic flower. Close with pliers to fasten. 
(If you're making a headpiece, skip this part.)

Pull plastic petals off stems. Carefully apply a small dab of hot glue to the back of the petal and push onto the metallic flower. Keeping building and layering petals around the metallic flowers, beginning in the middle and building out and around the sides (under and on top) to add texture. 

Add texture to your piece - attach gold or perspex leaves by using the hot glue gun and pressing down carefully where desired.

Once you've built the first layer, start on your second! Use the hot glue glue to add a dab of glue to the top of a second metallic flower, flip over your floral piece then attach to the back of the first flower. Continue to build, adding extra petals around the base and middle as you wish.

It's time for your fresh petals! We recommend doing this no earlier than the day before your event. Remove them carefully from the flower, and begin to carefully attach fresh petals to give a trickling effect, layering down and underneath the piece. 

If you're making a headpiece, wait until all your glue has dried, flip your piece over and attach a small metal clip on the back of the piece so you're able to clip into your hair. Use bobby pins for extra fastening if needed.

And there you go - stunning, individual racewear in a flash.

Words: Lucy Ahern

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